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January 6 Commission Show Trial Witnesses Repped by Russian Collusion, Ukraine Impeachment, Kavanaugh Rape Hoaxers

Capitol Police Officer

Attorneys representing a pair of Capitol Police officers before the Democrats’ Jan. 6 committee have also worked on Democrats’ other politicized cases.


The attorneys representing two Capitol police officers before the House Select Committee on January 6 Tuesday expose the partisan probe as nothing more than a Democrat show trial to impeach Republican voters after twice failing to impeach former President Donald Trump.

On Thursday, attorney and Lincoln Project fanboy David Laufman tweeted his excitement to represent Officers Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell alongside left-wing D.C. attorney Mark Zaid.

“Proud to join [Mark Zaid] in representing brave Capitol Police officers,” Laufman wrote. “They will tell the truth of what really happened that day.”

Both attorneys have a history of representing clients in high-profile cases with nefarious motives.

In 2018, Laufman represented the “beach friend” of then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser of sexual misconduct Christine Blasey-Ford. Three years after coming forward with graphic claims, Ford still has never proven the two had ever even met, let alone offer a corroborating witness.

Laufman served as legal counsel for Monica McLean, a former FBI agent and friend of Blasey Ford’s who had allegedly been coached ahead of a polygraph test which amounted to witness tampering.

The former DOJ official who used to work in the national security division also worked with disgraced former corrupt FBI agent Peter Strzok on both the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the deep state investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign based on the debunked Steele Dossier.

Zaid represented the alleged whistleblower named by RealClearInvestigations in 2019 as Eric Ciaramella in Trump’s first impeachment. A search through the anti-Trump whistleblower’s attorney exposed a clear agenda preceding the Democrats’ first effort to achieve the top policy item of their Trump-era platform: the ousting of the Democratically-elected president either through means of impeachment, a deep-state coup, or “#rebellion.”

In 2018, Zaid threatened to deploy his connections in federal intelligence agencies to doxx a random Twitter user and complained about the account’s anonymity.

Zaid’s pursuit of clients to advance his own nefarious agenda is well-documented. In a 2018 podcast, Zaid said he often went out of his way to use the term “resistance” and bragged about having sued every president since 1993. On the same episode, Zaid said he fished for a client to serve as a plaintiff against Trump to keep the streak of lawsuits going.

It makes perfect sense, then, Zaid would represent Capitol police officers to testify in the politicized proceedings sponsored by Democrats with the recruitment of two Pelosi Republicans to offer a smokescreen of bipartisanship, when the committee is anything but.