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Liz Cheney Leading Pelosi’s Weaponized Jan. 6 Committee Tells All You Need To Know About The Partisan Probe

Liz Cheney

Seven months later, Democrats have wasted no opportunity to exploit the January crisis at the U.S. Capitol, gaslighting the public at every turn to brand the riot as the “worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War,” in President Joe Biden’s words. Among the latest to perpetuate the Democrat talking point was Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who will offer opening remarks as one of two Republicans on the January 6 committee scheduled to commence this morning.

“Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814,” Cheney said when tapped for the committee by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Never mind the 1954 raid by Puerto Rican nationalists who shot five congressmen, the 1983 Senate bombing by left-wing militants granted clemency by Democrats, the al-Qaeda terrorists who flew a plane into the Pentagon on 9/11, or the summer of rage last year that frequently perpetuated political violence in the nation’s capital and repeated it across the country.

In fact, the carnage in the capital last summer excused, endorsed, and encouraged by Democrats and their allies in legacy media was far worse than the riot on January 6 by nearly every metric. More than 30 people died while dozens, if not hundreds, more livelihoods went with them when businesses were destroyed, and the dollar cost far exceeded, by 66 times, the already inflated estimate of the damage to the Capitol.

No House committee or commission was erected at the speaker’s direction to study the onslaught of deadly turbulence that rocked the nation in the heat of a presidential election. When pressed by Republicans to include the epidemic of left-wing violence within the scope of the failed commission passed by the House but rejected by the Senate earlier this year, Pelosi scoffed.

In contrast, clear double standards in the left’s response have exposed any Democrat-led investigation into the January riot for what it really is: their latest attempt to exploit a singular episode of right-wing violence after a failed impeachment with fabricated evidence in pursuit of a crackdown on political dissidents. Big tech has already granted Democrats’ wish, along with the Department of Justice dropping cases against Portland terrorists while perpetrating a nationwide witch hunt for trespassing.

Cheney kicking off the committee proceedings Tuesday is on brand for a lawmaker who has sought to engineer a GOP civil war non-existent outside her beltway home with a personal feud against former President Donald Trump. The at-large Wyoming congresswoman was overwhelmingly booted in May from her number three role in House leadership for good reason: her continued effort to undermine the conference she chaired antagonized the base, and served none but the interests of Democrats.

A new poll out this month revealed Cheney as the most unpopular Republican in the country among GOP voters, with a net approval rating of negative 43 percent. Democrats, of course, uphold the NeverTrump Republican as a political hero.

Pelosi erased any mirage of bipartisanship in the January 6 committee when she barred House Republicans Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana from participation last week. The addition of Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Sunday, a Cheney ally and fellow NeverTrumper in the lower chamber, has further exposed the committee as a deeply unserious investigation focused on punishing Democrats’ political opponents instead of a meaningful probe. Including the two lawmakers adamant about undermining their own party in an audition for a CNN contributorship offers no effective smokescreen to declare the committee bipartisan in any sense of the word.

Important questions do remain to be answered about the riot on January 6. Twenty of them have been outlined here by American Greatness Senior Contributor Julie Kelly.

They include inquiries such as who killed Ashli Babbitt, the lone protestor who was shot to death by an anonymous security officer in a Capitol hallway. Were there any FBI informants planted in the crowd to instigate the violence that ensued? If so, how many? Who authorized their presence?

And who planted the lie in The New York Times that Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick was killed by a fire extinguisher, forming the basis to exploit his death throughout Democrats’ pursuit of Trump’s impeachment?

Will any of these questions be answered by Kinzinger and Cheney, who have helped perpetuate the deceptive Democrat narrative of the attack as the worst assault on American democracy after the Civil War? Don’t count on it.