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How A 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her From Going Transgender

trans child
Image CreditPiqsels / Flickr

When I appeared on a Heritage Foundation panel discussion in 2019, I said people are manufacturing trans gender kids. They are hurting the most vulnerable members of our society by encouraging children and adolescents to live as the opposite sex, inject hormone blockers and cross-gender hormones, and undergo surgeries that irrevocably alter healthy body parts.

These protocols are dangerous and unstudied, and shouldn’t be pushed on children. Yet this madness rages on like an unchecked forest fire.

I was a transgender child who “transitioned” to female as an adult. I lived as female for eight years, until I woke up and admitted it wasn’t working. Counseling led to emotional healing and my feelings of gender dysphoria dissipated. Hormones and surgery were unnecessary and physically harmed me. Now I use my experience to mentor others who want to reclaim their biological reality.

So, when a mother who watched the panel discussion wrote me, saying, “The video gave me the courage and helped me to take control of my 10-year-old daughter’s wellbeing,” I knew I needed to speak out again to expose the manipulation that causes vulnerable children to think they have a transgender identity.

With this mother’s permission, I share her terrifying experience of almost losing her young daughter in a few short months. I’ve shortened her emails for space and clarity. Her story illustrates how easily a ten-year-old girl can be groomed into a cross-sex identity, but for the intervention of her mindful parents.

Ten-year-old Mindy (a pseudonym) changed schools and left behind her friends just before the school lockdowns, then attended school virtually for the rest of fourth grade and all of fifth grade. When she exhibited overwhelming stress, her concerned parents took her to a counselor at the pediatrician’s office. That started their nightmare.

Their story followed a common five-step process I have seen numerous times.

Step 1. Exclude the Parents

Separating parents from their child is an excellent strategy to manufacture trans kids. Away from the parents’ watchful eyes and protection, advocates are free to indoctrinate the child into transgenderism.

Mindy was isolated for six days in the hospital from her parents, who were refused updates. Reflecting on this time, the mother says, “She was hospitalized in February for out of the blue with anxiety and depression…I’m still amazed this happened in the first place and my husband and I weren’t given any choice. They told us she was suicidal and she needed to be taken to be evaluated in house [hospitalized].”

“Three days turned into 6 and they were trying to keep her longer…refusing us updates or anything, so we told them we were coming to get her with or without their blessing… I was so overwhelmed leaving my daughter there in the first place…not allowed to see her any and only talking to her for about 3 minutes a day. This is a 10-year-old that had only spent the night 3 times in her whole life away from home. This stay was the direct result of a therapist talking to her without our presence.”

After Mindy’s time in the hospital, counselor appointments continued, but again without the parents.

“My daughter was talked to separately and myself and her father weren’t allowed [to] participate or [get] any information about the appointments,” the mother told me. “Where are the parents’ rights in this? She is 10 years old.”

She’s right: parental rights are eroding under the pretense of transgender rights. But these parents fought back.

Step 2. Leap to a Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria

For Mindy, what started as “out of the blue” anxiety and depression quickly escalated to a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, the next crucial step in the manufacturing of trans kids.

“She began counseling at the pediatrics office and [they] quickly diagnosed her with gender dysphoria (without telling us) and possible Asperger’s in addition to the previous GAD [Generalized Anxiety Disorder]. I felt like they did not listen to me…I told the pediatrics office and counselor that this started when my daughter changed school… leaving her friends and the only school she had ever been to. [Then] school became virtual [and] nothing was normal.”

Notice how the counselor didn’t listen to the parents and their knowledge of their child. Obvious triggers—changing schools, leaving friends behind, lockdowns, and the resulting anxiety and depression—were ignored. To me, this is reckless medical malpractice and it happens far too frequently.

Notice, too, how the counselor leapt over Mindy’s co-existing issues in a rush to affirm her in a transgender identity. Depression, anxiety, Asperger’s, and GAD all have root causes and corresponding treatments that have nothing to do with gender identity.

I routinely hear from people who regret identifying as the opposite sex who say the counselor ignored all co-existing conditions. This also happened to me. In doing this, the therapists ruin the lives they claim to improve.

Step 3. Affirm the Cross-Sex Identity

Studies show that affirming a child in a cross-sex identity alters the child’s psyche and puts a child on the path to living as transgender. Without being pushed into transgenderism, most gender-confused children will re-identify with their natural sex during puberty. In other words, their feelings change, and they grow out of it.

Sometimes the parents affirm the child’s dysphoria and cross-dress him or her. More often, schools, counselors, and teachers affirm and encourage children in a cross-sex identity (new name, new pronouns, new wardrobe), and even keep it a secret from the parents.

For ten-year-old Mindy, her therapist was forthright enough, thankfully, to inform Mindy’s parents that she intended, without their permission or input, to start calling Mindy by a male name. But Mindy’s mama bear mother didn’t roll over. She took appropriate action.

“Well needless to say I began researching this day and night. This is when I found your video. I quickly requested her medical records…of course the info was blacked out but the gender dysphoria was on there.”

“We informed the same therapist that she would not be coming back. We would resume care elsewhere.”

Step 4. Glorify Trans Identities

Manufacturing trans kids wouldn’t be nearly so successful were it not for entertainment glorifying trans identities, through YouTube videos, children’s shows, video games, and education. Children are attracted (and groomed) through the influence of their peers, social media, and teachers.

It’s easy to see why a child who hits a rough period emotionally, or feels socially awkward or isolated, would be drawn to identifying as transgender as a means to acceptance and attention.

Across the nation, public schools include LGBT books and activities in the curriculum, as early as kindergarten, that romanticize those who identify as transgender. (Parents, see this article for concrete advice on fighting this in public schools.) Online, communities and popular apps are incubators, chock-full of transgender-pushing accounts ready to indoctrinate a vulnerable child. “Social contagion” is now a major factor in teens flocking to trans identities.

Mindy’s mom discovered the negative influence of those communities when Mindy made friends with two older kids online: “[Mindy] began to have anxiety more frequently after talking to them / panic attacks while online with these kids,” the mother wrote. “My gut knew this played a part.”

Mindy’s observant mother rightly sensed that Mindy’s online activity contributed to her anxiety and confusion. Most of the parents who contact me report their child has spent too much time online in chat rooms or video games. Many times, we discover the child was not gender dysphoric at all.

Step 5. Vilify and Ban All Differing Ideas

Anyone who has questions the transgender narrative faces the charge of “trans-phobic” and is ostracized. I’ve been called trans-phobic because I tell my story of transition and detransition. A distinguished child psychologist and department chair was effectively fired because he expressed the scientific fact that drugs that block puberty or cross-sex hormones can endanger a child’s long-term psychological health.

Major medical associations have changed position statements to advocate for political ideology over sound medical practice. In 20 states, counselors can lose their licenses if they question a client’s transgender identification instead of reinforcing it.

At the national level, activists disguise the true intentions of innocuous-sounding bills like the proposed Equality Act and the Fairness for All Act. Both bills ban therapy and punish all who question transitioning for children.

Loss of freedom is the result. Individual health professionals must comply or lose their livelihood. Concerned parents can’t find a counselor who will challenge the diagnosis of gender dysphoria. Parents face being labeled “trans-phobic” and more severe legal repercussions, such as a visit from child protective services and possible seizure of their children. The child suffers the consequences for a lifetime.

Parents Can Derail This Runaway Train

Mindy’s mother demonstrated how parents can release a child from the grip of a “gender dysphoria” diagnosis. She didn’t follow blindly the opinions that ran contrary to her observations and common sense. Instead, she researched and found resources to educate herself, starting with the Heritage Foundation panel discussion.

She withdrew her daughter from the harmful influence of trans-affirming health professionals, then sat quietly with her daughter and listened with love. It worked. She writes,

She finally opened up stating the very same things I said all along… the school change began her anxiety…different school, no friends, feeling different, starting to develop (didn’t like that) and she had been bothered on the bus by an older kid but most of all the she had been encouraged and exposed to the Transgender World by the same 2 kids and researched it on the internet…needless to say [she received] bad info…she was just on overload with everything. She says [she’s] not a transgender and was doing it because the 2 were her friends encouraged her…she felt like they would not be her friends if she didn’t play along. You saved my daughter’s future and my family.

By Mindy’s own admission, she’s not trans. Her former therapist was attempting to manufacture a transgender child out of an overwhelmed ten-year-old who needed friends after changing schools. Happily, the parents put a stop to that madness.

Unfortunately, for thousands more, their stories don’t end so well.