Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer is an accomplished author and public speaker with a passion for mentoring individuals whose lives have been torn apart by unnecessary gender-change surgery.

How A 10-Year-Old Girl’s Mom Saved Her From Going Transgender

With permission, I share a mother’s terrifying experience. Her story illustrates how quickly and easily a ten-year-old girl can be groomed into a cross-sex identity.

How To Talk To Someone Struggling With Gender Confusion

I’ve learned that taking on a transgender identity is not about becoming someone else; it is about erasing oneself.

I Know What Happens To The Kids in ‘Transhood’, Because It Happened To Me

Grandma was totally unaware of the damage that she was inflicting, indoctrinating me into enjoying being a girl instead of who I really was—a boy.

In The Past 5 Years, The Transgender Explosion Has Wounded More And More People

What’s changed in the last five years is the explosion in the number of children and adolescents diagnosed with gender dysphoria and the lack of help for them.

Texas Court Gives 7-Year-Old Boy A Reprieve From Transgender Treatments

The mother no longer has unfettered authority to manipulate her 7-year old boy into gender transition. Instead both mother and father will share equally in decision-making for him and his twin brother.

4 Trans People Beg For Help With Their Gender Identity Crises

These four accounts from trans people show that the transgender-affirming medical establishment is failing at their duty to help people who are hurting.

14 Years After Becoming Transgender, Teacher Says ‘It Was A Mistake’

After much soul-searching, this teacher says, ‘I have come to the realization that I made a mistake. I am living my life as honestly as I can.’

6-Year Old Texas Boy On Track For Repressed Puberty Due To Gender Dysphoria Diagnosis

Little James is comfortable being a boy when he’s around his dad and other friends. So why is his mother dressing him as a girl and calling him Luna?

Dear Christians: Billboards Targeting LGBT People Like ‘Bruce Jenner’ Are Counterproductive

The church has a responsibility to be a place of restoration and redemption. Calling out ‘Bruce Jenner’ on the church marquee was a misguided idea.

9 Transgender Patients Complain Of Mutilation, Botched Sex-Change Surgeries In Oregon

‘The doctor basically used a bunch of trans people to experiment on and gain experience without being properly trained.’

Mom Dresses Six-Year-Old Son As Girl, Threatens Dad With Losing His Son For Disagreeing

James exhibits no desire to be the girl ‘Luna,’ except when he is with his mother. His behavior offers a stinging rebuke of the diagnosis of gender dysphoria.

Why A Compromise On Transgender Politics Would Be Capitulation

At National Review Online, gay columnist J.J. McCullough makes some sweeping generalizations about what conservatives think about transgenderism that are worth questioning.

If California’s LGBT Therapy Ban Had Been Law 30 Years Ago, I Might Have Killed Myself

If I had been prevented from having access to helpful people and materials, as Assembly Bill 2943 proposes, the bill would have been a ‘stay trans and die’ bill for me.

Thanks To The Trump Administration, The U.S. Military Will Not Become A Sex-Change Clinic

Bravo to President Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis for making a common-sense decision and not being bullied into disastrous military policy by non-military voices.

President Trump, Do Not Turn The Military Into A Federally Funded Sex Change Clinic

The military is not the place to advance a ‘politically correct’ experiment with cross-gender hormone therapy.

This Formerly Trans 14-Year-Old Has A Message For Questioning Kids

Noor Jontry believed she was male from ages 11 to 13, but changed her mind. Now at age 14, she is sharing her journey into the trans-male identity and back.

While Three Transgenders Celebrate Election Victories, Detransitioners Tell A Different Story

Danica Roem was not the only trans person ushered into office on Tuesday. Minneapolis elected two openly transgender people to city council, Andrea Jenkins and Phillipe Cunningham.

University Refuses Research On Growing Numbers Of Trans People Who Want To Go Back

All expressed they were convinced by trans activists that transition was the answer and now they live with the negative consequences of that decision.

Why Trump Keeping Trans People From The Military Is A Good Decision

President Trump is correct to block trans soldiers’ attempts to emulate the opposite sex because it will not strengthen our military nor provide transgender people long-term help.

Doctors Admit They Don’t Know Which Kids Should Gender Transition But Do It To Them Anyway

Anyone playing this ‘select-a-gender’ game with children is complicit in turning young psyches against themselves and the truth of who they are.