Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer
Walt Heyer

Walt Heyer is an accomplished author and public speaker with a passion for mentoring individuals whose lives have been torn apart by unnecessary gender-change surgery.

The National Geographic Transgender Cover Champions Child Abuse And Junk Science

Cross-dressing a young boy is emotional and psychological child abuse and should be stopped, not celebrated on the cover of magazines like National Geographic.

Pushing Kids Into Transgenderism Is Medical Malpractice

It is sadistic to use the public school system, which holds a captive audience, to engage in a social gender identity experiment with the nation’s young people.

Drop The T From LGBT

Transgender people have high rates of psychological problems that contribute to their identity expression and victimization. The rest of the LGBT crowd should consider how that reflects on them.

Have We Finally Reached Peak Transgender?

Men competing as women at the Olympics, LGBT themes on 30 to 45 percent of prime-time television, and influence at the White House—please tell me we’ve reached the transgender high-water mark.

Politicians’ Response To Transgenders Is Likely To Increase Suicides

A December 2015 study shows no evidence of cross-gender brain in transgenders. What they did find suggests a link to mental disorders, which are in turn linked to suicide.

Public Schools Force Kids Into Transgender Wars

In concert with transgender activists, the federal government is pushing schools across the country to let boys expose themselves to girls in showers, locker rooms, and bathrooms.

Ex-Transgenders And -Homosexuals Come Out Of The Closet

For the first time, former transgenders and homosexuals and those who love them will gather to discuss bringing hope to troubled lives.

Transgender Characters May Win Emmys, But Transgender People Hurt Themselves

Asking a surgeon to modify a person’s appearance is simply a socially acceptable means of self-mutilation.

Transgender Regret Is Real Even If The Media Tell You Otherwise

They don’t want you to know: regret 20 percent, attempted suicides 41 percent, mental illness 60-90 percent among transgendered population. 

Caitlyn Jenner Needs Therapy, Not Awards

Transgender hero Caitlyn Jenner receives an award tonight for courage. But a doctor who regrets his gender change is a better candidate for such an award.

Dear Bruce Jenner: You Could Really Be Hurting People

Here’s some heartfelt caution for Bruce Jenner from another who had the surgeries, the glamour shots, the excitement, the adulation—and, finally, the regret of going transgender.

Bruce Jenner Wants To Change The World When He Should Change His Mind

Personal and medical experience indicates that switching genders will not give Bruce Jenner peace.

Outlawing Psychotherapy For Trans-Kids Will Not Prevent Suicides

The White House is backing a move to end some psychotherapies for transgender children. This is risky and could lead to more suicides.

Fifty-Six Shades Of Gender Insanity

The LGBT lobby is pushing Facebook and universities to redefine gender norms. This means suffering for everyone, and especially people who struggle with their gender identity.

Bruce Jenner Puts The Brakes On His Transition But Not His SUV

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner has decided he will pause his transition to female in the wake of a devastating car crash.

Bruce Jenner—In Transition Or Psychological Crisis?

Olympic gold medalist and former Kardashian husband Bruce Jenner is proclaiming his gender change to the world. Will he be able to find himself inside the spectacle he’s creating?

What Parents Should Know About Giving Hormones To Trans Kids

Medical guidelines advise against doing what many U.S. doctors are to kids who feel like the opposite gender: Giving them life-altering hormones early.

Here’s What Parents Of Transgender Kids Need To Know

Immediately treating a transgender child as his opposite sex without addressing his underlying psychological needs will hurt him—probably forever.