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Have We Finally Reached Peak Transgender?


State and local lawmakers across the country are dealing with a barrage of proposals about whether men and boys claiming to be transgender will get legal cover to force their way into both public and privately owned bathrooms and showers with women and girls.

For the 2016 spring Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, officials have indicated they will allow a man who is still packing his “tools” to compete as a female if he has low testosterone and claims to be a female. Under the new Olympic standard, a man with low T can now compete equally with biologically correct females even with all his male parts intact.

Future Olympic competitions could look more like a “Saturday Night Live” skit than a world-class athletic event. I hope the biologically correct females open a can of “whoop-up” on the low-T guys.

On Television, Too Much LGBT

On almost every television network, the preponderance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters and storylines is inescapable, almost to the point of saturation, even though it’s completely out of proportion to the real-world LGBT population of an estimated 3.4 percent.

Six transgender-community-related shows are on the air right now. Terri Ryan, a TV producer and advocate for the cross-dressing community, in Huffington Post asked questions that suggest even an advocate working in the entertainment industry may be uncomfortable with the current over-exposure of transgenders on TV:

Are there too many TV shows depicting transgender people? Is it just too much at one time for an audience to absorb? Are we in the TG community attempting to force acceptance through highly scripted and well-staged reality shows that may or may not be representing the majority of the TG community? Will having so many transgender topic shows educate or turn off the very people they are attempting to appeal to, because it is too much, too soon?

Arguing that gays and transgenders are ignored or oppressed falls flat on its face these days. Gay, lesbian, and transgender characters are often shown in a pathetic or sympathetic light—abused, oppressed, or mistreated—in an effort to make the viewer more open to them and feel sorry for them. But they are not abused. They are our Olympic athletes and TV stars.

The Transgender Push Is Purposeful and Planned

Is it deliberate? Yes. The push to normalize LGBT characters has become all too predictable. We’re in the midst of a major, deliberate, well-executed social indoctrination coming from the entertainment industry, the White House, and pro-trans LGBT activists.

Since 2006, the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has evaluated the quantity and quality of LGBT characters during primetime television. Their annual report, the Network Responsibility Index, ranks the networks in a type of scorecard. Their objective is to push for positive representation and to increase the amount of representation. “TV hasn’t merely reflected the changes in social attitudes; it has also had an important role in bringing them about,” said the
2013 Network Responsibility Index

The 2015 rankings and score, based on percentage of LGBT-inclusive original programming hours during primetime, show this programming is at an all-time high on broadcast and cable networks.

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LGBT people comprise only 3.4 percent of the population, yet the advocate organization GLAAD considers 28 percent of programming as merely “adequate” and 8 percent as “failing.” GLAAD has met with top network executives at networks to discuss how TV can “improve.”

Television Networks’ Political Connections

When these folks get together for LGBT advocates to set TV programming, they’re not so much negotiating as they are strategizing in unison. This is evident from the deep personal affiliations between the LGBT-driven Obama White House and many top TV executives.

Pillow talk and sibling connections can be powerful influences to inspire the networks to support the White House agenda. An article at explored the many personal connections between White House staffers and network honchos in 2013:

  • White House national security advisor Ben Rhoades is the brother of David Rhoades, president of CBS News.
  • Press Secretary Jay Carney is married to Claire Shipman, a senior national correspondent at ABC News.
  • Special advisor to the president Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall is the sister of Ben Sherwood, president of ABC News.
  • Former House Deputy Secretary of State Tom Nides is married to Virginia Moseley, CNN’s vice president and Washington bureau chief.

These network execs spend time with family and professional connections who might as well themselves be LGBT advocates. It’s no secret that the White House celebrates gay and transgender causes. President Obama uses the power and influence of the “bully pulpit” to get behind the LGBT agenda. In fact, the White House now considers itself to be a medical expert, weighing in on whether certain psychotherapies for lesbian, gay, and transgender people are effective.

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, the White House “spiked the ball” by blazing an LGBT rainbow across the face of the building. On its website, the White House has a special section dedicated to “President Obama and the LGBT Community.”

The current administration has appointed more than 250 openly LGBT people to full-time and advisory positions in the executive branch, several of them openly transgender. The Obama administration hired the first transgender to White House staff: LGBT activist Raffi Freeman-Gurspan. In November 2015, only four short months after Freeman-Gurspan started working in the West Wing, the White House announced it was prepared to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to sexual orientation and gender identity, effectively turning sexual preference and gender identity confusion into a civil rights issue.

Why You’ll Never See a Formerly Gay Hero

LGBT staffers in the executive branch greatly influence the positions that the White House takes on issues and the positions the White House professes profoundly influence American social values, policy, and legislation. This overbearing media and activist push is not favorable to freedom of speech, nor is it an organic social development. The LGBT lobby is small in numbers but has enormous financial and political power.

This overbearing media and activist push is not favorable to freedom of speech, nor is it an organic social development.

No network will ever get approval from GLAAD to feature a script about a homosexual, lesbian, or transgender who changed his or her life after undergoing sound psychotherapy and found freedom from the lifestyle he or she once loved.

When I speak at conferences around the country, I hear speakers who had been gay, lesbian, or transgender. They share their personal stories of coming out of the homosexual life and transgender delusions. Airing realistic underdog stories such as these, of people who are conflicted about being gay or transgender and want to leave the lifestyle, won’t win a GLAAD “excellent” rating or any Screen Actors Guild awards. It won’t ever get aired.

To pre-empt the wackos who might line up to bash me for my remarks, I’ll share some of my history to demonstrate that I’m not homophobic or transphobic. During the years I was living my transgender life, for a time I lived in West Los Angeles in a large house owned by my Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, a homosexual. He shared his home with men like me who were in early recovery from drugs and alcohol. All of them were homosexual except for me.

We lived together, often sharing dinner and social times, and attending AA meetings together. I lived in the community. Like TV producer Terri Ryan, I say the level of attention on transgender and gay characters and storylines on television is too much.

Protections for Some but Not Others

Think about it. We live in an era when people are encouraged to “select a gender” with not two choices, but a spectrum of “fluidity.” Laws are being stretched to accommodate new extremes and trample the rights of anyone who doesn’t comply.

Obama pushes to accommodate the demands of these men at the expense of girls and women.

These advocates want any boy or man, whether gender-confused or a sexual pervert, to have free access to a female-specific bathroom or locker room by simply saying he identifies as a woman. Obama pushes to accommodate the demands of these men at the expense of girls and women.

New York City has gone even further in its anti-discrimination law, to regulate what must be spoken. According to the December 2015 clarification of the New York City Human Rights Law, employers, landlords, and public accommodations are required to use a person’s preferred name and pronoun, “regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification” or be subject to civil penalties. “The Commission can impose civil penalties up to $125,000 for violations, and up to $250,000 for violations that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.”

Ignorant Cheerleading Means More Suffering People

I lived the delusional transgender life for eight years, and I can tell you: the LGBT lobby is serving us a boatload of pure malarkey. I hear from transgenders who needed psychological help but instead were put on the surgical slice-and-dice assembly line and now live with the awful consequences. Transgenders attempt suicide at a rate higher than 40 percent and, as I’ve reported elsewhere, studies show that more than 60 percent of transgenders have co-existing mental disorders.

The entertainment industry refuses to include in their scripts an accurate portrayal of the mental illness and the suicides prevalent in the LGBT population.

I’m concerned about the people who are not getting appropriate psychological care and end up committing suicide. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry refuses to include in their scripts an accurate portrayal of the mental illness and the suicides prevalent in the LGBT population. The White House focuses on so-called civil rights rather than mental health. These special-interest groups refuse to acknowledge that mental disorders have become the largest single risk factor in the high suicidal behavior within the lesbian, gay, and bisexual community.

The scariest and most feared persons to the LGBT sympathizers are the ones who once lived “the life” but now realize they were not born to that lifestyle and wholeheartedly reject it. I do not hate the LGBT. I just hate the mess that buying into their lifestyle made of my life.