Hans Fiene
Hans Fiene
Hans Fiene

Hans Fiene is a Contributor to The Federalist. He is a Lutheran pastor in Illinois and the creator of Lutheran Satire, a series of comical videos intended to teach the Lutheran faith. Follow him on Twitter, @HansFiene .

What America Loses With Every Shuttered Main Street Restaurant

In the wake of coronavirus, our communities will be immeasurably poorer without the kind of small restaurants that taught me life lessons and overflow with nostalgia.

Exclusive Interview With Coronavirus: ‘I’m Very Proud Of My Chinese Heritage’

I decided to go directly to the source. I reached out to the coronavirus, who is currently living in an undisclosed location on the East Coast.

The Foster Care System Is A Disaster. That’s Why You Should Join It

The child welfare system is broken. It’s a travesty. And we can’t help but want to be part of it. Here’s why you should consider being a foster parent.

No, The State Of The Union Address Wasn’t WrestleMania

New York Times writer James Poniewozik described the speech as ‘a WrestleMania match.’ I’ve watched more than a few WrestleManias. The State of the Union wasn’t that cool.

No, Joe Rogan, Jesus Was Not A Psychedelic Mushroom

The idea that Jesus came into the world as a communal acid trip is itself far more likely to be the result of people like Joe Rogan tripping on ‘shrooms than the truth.

For The LGBT Mob, Lesbian Ads On The Hallmark Channel Are Just The Beginning

If the LGBT mob won’t let us celebrate cheesy Hallmark Christmas without celebrating their sin, they certainly won’t let us celebrate actual Jesus Christmas that way either.

Kanye West’s Faith Deserves Our Joy And Prayers, Not Our Skepticism

Christians shouldn’t be afraid of getting burned by Kanye West because our faith isn’t rooted in the fidelity of Christians but the faithfulness of Christ.

Why Abortion Apologists Like Jen Gunter Keep Lying About Babies And Christians

OB/GYN and abortion supporter Jen Gunter ignores all the evidence in favor of the pro-life cause because she doesn’t like the implications of that truth.

Hiding Behind The Supreme Court Won’t Stop Beto O’Rourke’s Crusade To Punish Orthodox Religion

In addition to showing the left’s trajectory on religious freedom, O’Rourke’s comments also reveal why conservatives are faring so poorly on the LGBT front of the culture war.

Carson King Doesn’t Need Our Forgiveness, But The Des Moines Register Owes Him An Apology

While researching internet sensation philanthropist Carson King for a profile in the Des Moines Register, writer Aaron Calvin unearthed unsavory tweets King authored when he was 16.

Drew Brees Shouldn’t Have Ditched His Christian Brothers Over The Lies Of A Twitter Mob

Don’t throw your fellow believers under the bus to escape persecution. Like Drew Brees, all you’ll succeed in doing is hastening your demise.

Colts Fans Booing Andrew Luck Was Reprehensible, Yet Understandable

In response to news of Andrew Luck’s retirement, a number of fans began raining down boos upon their beloved quarterback as he trotted off the field for the last time.

Why Christian Women Don’t Need To Be Pastors To Be Equal With Men

Christianity offers countless joys to the lost and fallen sinners of this world. But if you’re looking for the joy that comes from receiving equal access to every aspect of the church’s ministry, you’re going to be disappointed.

Pete Buttigieg Is Right That Christians Need To Be Rebuked

But someone who lives in sexual immorality and supports abortion right up until birth is quite obviously the wrong person to do it.

Mom Reveals How Her Lefty Political Tribe Breeds Affection For The Alt-Right

Tell kids they’re white supremacists for questioning leftism and they’ll become desensitized—so desensitized that they’ll listen to the Nazi sales pitch.

10 Tips For First-Time Fathers In Their Thirties

I am uniquely qualified to teach men my age how to alter the tricks a twenty-something dad has in his arsenal to fit a body and mind that are approaching middle age.

Christians Need To Stop Assuming LGBT Sin Matters More Than God’s Mercy

To believe that Christ is your savior, you have to believe he has saved you from something, which sinners will never understand if Mama Church keeps telling Papa God to have a Snickers every time he’s acting a little too Old-Testamenty.

Why Infanticide Isn’t A Bridge Too Far For Many Abortion Supporters

As Democrat governors embrace infanticide, it appears Democrats are once again poised to follow the extremists in their party. Why aren’t they simply reversing course?

Gillette’s Toxic Masculinity Ad Accidentally Makes A Case For The Patriarchy

Gillette isn’t against the patriarchy, they’re against the bad patriarchy. What we need, more than ever, is men willing to fight for good patriarchy.

Woke Progressives Turn Their Public Shaming Ritual Into A Formal Religious Ceremony

In these latter days, the greatest way to atone for the sins of uninclusivity is found inside a church known as the Cathedral of Blessed Wokery, currently meeting in a 55,000-square-foot Malibu mansion.