Chuck DeVore
Chuck DeVore
Chuck DeVore
Chuck DeVore is vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a former California legislator, special assistant for foreign affairs in the Reagan-era Pentagon, and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army (retired) Reserve. He's the author of two books, "The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America," and "China Attacks," a novel.
Freedom Means Letting Americans Make Their Own Risk Calculations About Coronavirus

We’re a free people, able to make choices—even ill-informed ones—about our own lives and wellbeing. It’s called liberty.

Left Hates Travel Bans Except When They Keep Americans From Work And School

Many on the left favor globalization and oppose restrictions on international travel or immigration. But on efforts to slow the Wuhan virus, where do they stand on these same measures?

The Latest On COVID-19 Suggests Most Of Us Will Be Fine

Mounting evidence suggests that if you don’t smoke or aren’t 70 or older or have underlying health conditions, you’ll be fine—although you can spread it to other, more vulnerable people.

Coronavirus: What China’s Chaos Means For America (And The World)

The Wuhan flu outbreak may be more determinative than tariffs in causing many companies to revisit decoupling their China-centric supply chains.

California Prof Tries To Shift Blame From Leftist Dumpster Fire For ‘Californiapocalypse’

Amy Wilentz, an English professor at the University of California, Irvine, details for The New York Times a truthy series of myths about California’s fiery, electric-less travails.

It’s Not Climate Change To Blame For California’s Fires And Blackouts. It’s Democrats

Thanks to Democrats, California’s large and heavily regulated public utilities prioritize wind and solar power, leaving little for powerline maintenance and upgrades.

The Lights Are Out in California, And That Was the Plan All Along

Before planned blackouts are through in two or three days, as many as 3 million Californians may go without power.

74 Percent Of Conservative Californians Are Looking Into Leaving The State

A full 74 percent of the state’s very conservative voters say they’re looking into moving, and 84 percent of those cite California’s political culture as their rationale for leaving.

Here’s How The United States Can Push Back On China’s Foreign Propaganda

With China on the verge of crushing Hong Kong’s freedoms, why do we allow China to influence U.S. public policy through campuses and media?

Don’t Blame Climate Change For California’s Fires

Some of the celebrities rushing to blame climate change who lost their homes actually lived in a region known for regular fires.

This Nazi Parade Will Help You Reassess How Bad Our Time Really Is

The horror these Polish children saw and hopelessness they felt are unfathomable to most Americans. Yet they emerged from the crucible.

One Stat Explains Why The California Legislature Is Prone To Pass Outrageous Laws

When lawmaking is turned into a full-time occupation, professionals will eventually dominate the field, and the consequences are easy to see: bigger government, higher taxes, and more powerful and arbitrary regulations.

What I Learned About Civil Unrest During The Los Angeles Riots 25 Years Ago

The last 25 years of urban unrest in America, and around the world, show how rapidly domestic tranquility can collapse when law enforcement steps aside or is overwhelmed.

State Pension Systems Want Your Retirement Savings To Bail Them Out

California Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a law that requires a 3 percent payroll deduction for retirement accounts, with the money going to the state for safekeeping.

How To Decide Whether To Launch Our Military

The United States has not always launched its military to endless, fruitless engagements abroad. By following these criteria we can see more victory and less wasted money and blood.

How Fracking Saved Renewable Energy In California

If you want low energy costs, live in a red state.

First, The EPA Came For The Navajo; Next, They’re Coming For Everyone

The Environmental Protection Agency is making it harder for the Navajo to run energy plants that produce jobs and cheap, reliable energy. Next, we’re all paying a third more for energy.

Progressivism Comes Home To Roost At Claremont McKenna

Before campuses became universally accessible to those with marginal grades and a chest full of borrowed federal Monopoly money, they were frequently competitive places.

Ballot Initiatives Weaponize Emotion To Centralize Power

California’s high court seems set to allow a popular vote on the meaningless Citizens United ballot initiative in the November 2016 election.

How Government Kills Two Income Classes With One Stone

New data demonstrates how big-government policies simultaneously raise housing costs for the poor and commuter headaches for the middle class.