Chuck DeVore
Chuck DeVore
Chuck DeVore

Chuck DeVore is vice president of national initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a former California legislator, special assistant for foreign affairs in the Reagan-era Pentagon, and a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army (retired) Reserve. He’s the author of two books, “The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America,” and “China Attacks,” a novel.

In Soft Power Battles, Taiwan Should Take A Page Out Of China’s Hollywood Playbook

China plays both soft power offense and defense, with Hollywood a key front in the battle. In the fight for democracy, Taiwan should try a similar tactic.

Will China Move On Taiwan Now And Risk War With America?

History suggests an answer as to when China might quash Taiwan and if it will embark on a wider conflict involving the United States, Japan, and other nations.

As Newsom Recall Vote Looms, Corporations Are Fleeing California On The Double

A study found that the rate of companies moving out of the Golden State in the first half of 2021 was double the torrid clip of the year before.

How U.S. Elites’ Focus On Afghanistan Helped China Become Our No. 1 Threat

How did we get to our present state? Where were the main policy forks that might have seen our national security establishment take a different path?

Time To Impeach Texas Judges Enabling State Democrats To Flout The Law

Two Texas state judges weighed into the affairs of the legislature and effectively appointed themselves speaker of the House, all for the sake of misbehaving Democrats.

Will Defund The Police Lead To Federal And National Guard Patrols In Big Cities?

The Defund the Police movement will inevitably collide with the reality of rising crime in elections through 2022. Results at the local level will be uneven.

Texas House Democrats’ COVID-Spreading Publicity Stunt Is Backfiring

Are the Texas House Democrats losing solidarity? With chairmanships, seniority, and district boundaries on the line, the PR stunt is looking like an epic failure.

As California Exports Blackouts To Nearby States, Will Texas Avoid The Same Fate?

California’s wild hourly swings in mandated renewable power generation have wrecked the economics of generating reliable electricity in other Western states.

No, The West Coast Heat Wave Has Nothing To Do With Climate Change

As Ockham’s Razor says, the simplest answer is usually the right one. And the simplest explanation for the heat wave is not climate change.

To Defend Its Freedom, Taiwan Must Create A National Guard

A viable Taiwan Guard force would be a strong deterrent to Communist China’s aggressive designs aimed at snuffing out Taiwan’s vibrant democracy.

New Poll Finds All Those People Moving To Texas Aren’t Going To Be Voting For Democrats

It’s not just high-profile movers like Elon Musk and Joe Rogan. They’re joined by about three-quarters of a million people a year.

Texas Bill To Ban Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Faces Fierce Fight

Despite the public seeing lobbyists as ethical swamp dwellers with too much power, they still wield considerable influence in U.S. legislatures. Texas is no exception.

David Frum’s Weakness On China Is Worse Than His Push For Middle Eastern Wars

David Frum’s dangerous argument is part of a larger effort to suggest that if China attacks democratically ruled Taiwan, helping Taiwan is not worth the risk of war with China.

No, ‘Purity Of The Ballot Box’ Is Not Racist Election Law Terminology. It’s Historically Accurate

As the Texas legislature works to strengthen its election laws against voter fraud, leftists are fighting the bill with revisionist history and cries of ‘racism.’

The Census Rewarded Red States, But Democrats Are Scheming To Reverse That

States that consistently grew faster than the national average over the past ten years are in line to gain representation in Congress. Democrats will work to undermine people’s vote with their feet.

Critical Race Theory Illuminates Democrats’ Master Plan To End Honest Elections In America

Those defending the traditional American view of elections—free, open, and by secret ballot—don’t recognize the nature of the opposition.

Yes, Overreliance On Wind And Solar Helped Feed Texas’s Power Outages

Correcting the record is important since assigning the wrong reasons for Texas’s electric blackouts will lead to the wrong solutions.

Did The Shutdowns Save Lives? A Year Later, Statistical Analysis Suggests Not

There is no evidence shutdowns did anything but deepen the economic suffering, increase suicides, and prevent lifesaving medical tests and treatments.

Why Joe Biden Will Probably Do More Than Congress Does In The Next Two Years

This Congress is likely to pass fewer bills of consequence than in the past 20 years, leaving the Biden administration to rule by ‘pen’ and ‘phone.’

The 2020 Election Aftermath Is Not At All Unprecedented In U.S. History

The aftermath of the 2020 election finds the nation unsettled, with legitimate concerns about election fraud overshadowed by the capitol riot and kooky conspiracy theories.