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Biden Tells Illegal Aliens ‘Don’t Come’ For TV Cameras, Then Plans To End Program That Sends Illegals Home

Border wall

Biden is considering ending Trump’s Title 42 expulsion order after pressure from leftist groups to stop expelling thousands of illegal aliens at the border.


President Joe Biden is considering ending former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 expulsion order after pressure from health officials and leftist groups to stop turning away thousands of illegal aliens at the Southern U.S. border, Axios reports.

The Trump administration originally established Title 42 to keep migrants from flooding the border during the COVID-19 pandemic but the Biden administration, which has repeatedly claimed without evidence that the White House does not support swaths of illegal aliens making the trek to the U.S.

“I can say quite clearly: Don’t come,” Biden told ABC in March. Now, Biden is looking to end the Trump administration’s policy, which would welcome migrants, as early as July.

As Biden’s border crisis continues to rage, officials have repeatedly used Title 42 to expel migrants to Mexico and prevent them from entering the country. After reaching near-record high apprehensions in May alone, Customs and Border Protection turned more than 112,300 illegal aliens, mostly single adults, away using the policy. The administration, however, continues its mixed messaging by extending the rule to “less than half of family encounters” since March and even taken great lengths to establish exemptions for illegal aliens from Title 42. 

Now, as the administration negotiates with leftist activism group American Civil Liberties Union, which is holding its lawsuit against the government for “expelling families” until July 2, Biden is considering ditching one of Trump’s last policies set on managing the border under the guise of “a public health decision that will be made ultimately on those grounds.”

“White House officials believe there are far fewer risks in ending the policy on their own,” Axios reports. “Still, they’ve also admitted there’s a chance it could lead to an uptick of migrant families coming to the U.S.-Mexico border and could create more pressure to also end Title 42 for single adults.”