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Missouri House Passes Bill For New State Holiday: ‘Rush Limbaugh Day’


Rush Limbaugh may be receiving a tribute in his home state of Missouri thanks to the Republican-majority House.


Recently deceased talk show radio legend Rush Limbaugh might be getting a holiday named after him in his home state of Missouri.

The majority-Republican House in Missouri passed a measure Thursday to make Jan. 12 “Rush Limbaugh Day,” which is the day the conservative host was born in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The bill will head to the Senate and require approval by end of next Friday — the conclusion of the legislative session. Limbaugh passed away at the age of 70 from cancer in February.

“Rush Limbaugh’s contributions to broadcasting and the conservative movement cannot be overstated,” said Rep. Hardy Billington, who sponsored the measure. “This is one way we can recognize the outstanding impact Rush Limbaugh has had on our state and country.”

Upon Limbaugh’s death, there was a widespread outpour of appreciation for his contributions to radio and conservatism.

“More than any single person, Rush Limbaugh helped break the left’s monopoly in the media. The left is still dominant, but not to the extent it was before he came along,” veteran Fox News political analyst Brit Hume said.  “He was a giant.”

“The greatest radio man in history. An absolute master of the craft. And a brilliant hero to many. If you didn’t listen to him, or only heard him in selectively edited snippets from the hostile media, you won’t understand,” tweeted Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway.

The holiday was packaged with other legislation, such as “Mormon Remembrance Day” on July 2 and “Random Acts of Kindness Day” on Aug. 31.