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Golden Globes Juror Says Bombshell Reporting On Black Lives Matter Movement Is ‘Hate Speech’

Golden Globes

Golden Globes juror Patricia Danaher claimed to a person voicing anger over the firing of Philip Berk reporting she doesn’t like on BLM is “hate speech.”


Golden Globes juror Patricia Danaher, who is also a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), responded to someone who contacted her voicing concerns after the ousting of former HFPA President Philip Berk, asserting that reporting on Black Lives Matter co-founder Patricia Cullors’ million-dollar housing spree is “hate speech.”

“There are few things more disturbing and chilling than when creative types employ censorship and de-platforming tactics to restrict speech, expression, and ideas,” a man named Sam wrote to the general HFPA email Wednesday afternoon. “Astoundingly, you have done just that, and in doing so have put your illiberal intolerance, prejudice, and intellectual indifference on full display. Be better.”

Replying from her HFPA email account, Danaher said, “you poor little snowflake. Did no one tell you hate speech is not protected by the first amendment? I hope your feelings will recover. Begone.”

On her website, Danaher credentials herself as being “on the jury of the Golden Globe Awards and am regularly invited to attend major international film festivals.”

Berk was removed from the HFPA board this week after NBC pressured the association to remove him over an article he sent to his colleagues. The article was allegedly written by Davis Greenfield in FrontPage Mag, and it was on the hypocrisy of Cullors,  a “self-trained Marxist,” spending millions on luxury homes. In response to Berk sending the email, Danaher responded, “You are a thundering disgrace Phil Berk.” Other colleagues sounded off as well.

“I think that what we need to do is be more tolerant of everyone’s opinions. Stop calling everyone and everything racist! Isn’t that what people who don’t know anything about us are accusing us of?” wrote member Noemia Young.

Christian Toto, a film critic and editor of HollywoodinToto, told The Federalist that “The HFPA was already under the microscope for its lack of black members, so it’s not surprising that Berk would be promptly let go by the group.”

Indeed, the group faced backlash from the Left after it was revealed none of its 87 board members are black. A diversity consultant for the group resigned after Berk’s ousting, claiming it is “impossible” for [him] to continue serving” due to Berk sending credible reporting on the BLM co-founder.

“I’m surprised she responded at all, since these organizations seem to prefer hiding behind vague blanket statements that exalt virtue, but tend to be substance-free,” Sam told to The Federalist. “Patricia’s personal response appears to fit the pattern of highly intolerant leaders in the modern corporate media and business world, who increasingly resort to obfuscating complicated issues and ostracizing those who disagree or hold different viewpoints.”

The Federalist contacted Danaher to provide comment and she claimed it is “creepy” that The Federalist would do so.

“How creepy that you all have Gmail and yahoo addresses and nothing to identify where you are actually writing from,” Danaher wrote to The Federalist. “The other fellow wrote about his ‘disappointment’, without saying where he was writing from. My feelings are pretty clear and I am unable to help you further.”

“Patricia’s reply to a customer email was wholly unprofessional and unbecoming of the HFPA,” Sam added.

Sam has no affiliation with The Federalist, which Danaher implied.