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Sean Davis And Mollie Hemingway Remember Rush Limbaugh, The ‘Original Red Pill’

Rush Limbaugh

Sean Davis and Mollie Hemingway discuss Rush Limbaugh’s legacy and profound impact on the conservative movement, media, and society.


On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Federalist Co-Founder Sean Davis and Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway discuss Rush Limbaugh’s legacy and the profound effect he had on the conservative movement, media, and society.

“I think Rush Limbaugh was the original red pill when it came to politics and media,” Davis said. “He was able to pull back the curtain and show us that, you know, what we thought was behind there wasn’t really the reality at all.”

“Rush entering this space and being a voice for so many, and hearing from so many, and in talking about conservative ideology with so many was huge, and it was really the beginning of the end, I think, for so much of our corrupt media,” Hemingway agreed.

Limbaugh not only pioneered a version of media criticism, Davis and Hemingway said, but he also created a space for, a voice for, and a connection with the people who felt underrepresented or unheard by their politicians and the corporate media.

“This was a guy who loved his listeners and his audience, and it showed in how he broadcasts and it showed in his perspective and his point of view,” Davis said. “And I think there are a lot of publications, a lot of broadcasters, a lot of people in podcasting or blogging who could learn something from that. You can’t fake sincere love of your readers and sincere respect for them. They know when you don’t respect them.”