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Why Georgia’s May Actually Be The Most Important Election In Recent History


It’s become a cliché to refer to whatever election is currently occurring as “the most important election” in one’s lifetime, or maybe even the entirety of U.S. history. Yet we are currently facing the most important American election in my lifetime — which is to say, of the last 22 years.

The 2020 presidential race was no exception to this trend of hyping elections. President Trump told the Republican National Convention, “This is the most important election in U.S. history,” a sentiment shared by the media and voters. While Trump and Joe Biden’s race was certainly noteworthy, it cannot claim the title.

Every major election has substantial stakes, but today’s runoff Senate race in Georgia will determine the country’s future for years to come. Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are all that stand in the way of a Democrat-controlled White House, House, Senate, and likely packed Supreme Court.

While neither President-elect Biden nor Vice President Elect Kamala Harris were willing to confirm or deny whether they’d pack the Supreme Court should Democrats win both the presidency and the Senate, their vagueness indicates the option is, at the very least, not off the table. Biden did express an intention to form a commission to “reform” the Supreme Court, which he considers “out of wack,” but never ruled out adding additional seats.

With a Democrat-run Senate, radical judges could be approved, who could serve as a rubber stamp for White House and Senate Democrats’ agenda, rather than their intended role as defenders of the Constitution. The structure of the Supreme Court is outlined in the Constitution as a safeguard against legislators and presidents overstepping the bounds of their roles or the foundations of our country’s law.

Whether the reforms ultimately become adding additional justices or some other method, it’s clear that Biden’s intent is to increase the politicization of the federal branch meant to be impartial. As the Supreme Court involves lifetime appointments and its decisions form binding precedents on federal matters, such alterations could have long-lasting effects.

The left is currently pushing massive policies that are disastrous and costly. Democrats’ proposed tax plan alone will realize broad tax increases across all income levels, wage decreases, and fewer jobs, according to four independent analyses. Corporate taxes will likewise see an increase to 28 percent.

A Democratic win on Jan. 5 likely entails an end to fracking, costing thousands of jobs and harming the already fragile economy. Both Biden and Harris spent the 2020 primary openly promoting a ban on fracking, which they weekly attempted to backtrack despite video evidence. A fracking ban would cost an estimated 200,000 jobs, which the government is more than comfortable sacrificing in the hopes of offsetting climate change.

Do you like your current health insurance, or even just like having the option of private insurance? Enjoy it while it lasts, because the Biden-Harris administration’s health plan is intended cover nearly half of the country, eventually leading to a single-payer system entirely controlled by government. This plan starts at an estimated cost of $2 trillion, while slowly wiping out private insurance.

The Senate has been investigating Big Tech’s targeted censorship of conservative ideals, seeking to repeal, or at least limit, their immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Movement against Section 230 would be monumental towards ending the suppression of ideas, truth, and dialogue on social media. The left has no incentive to combat unjust censoring, as it directly benefits them, so a Democrat-controlled Senate would allow this to continue, and more important news stories will go unheard.

Substantial policy changes, government spending, jobs, and the structure of the Supreme Court all could hang in the balance of the Georgia Senate runoff. It is clearly a monumentally important election, certainly the most important in my lifetime, and possibly of many more.