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Breaking News Alert Whistleblowers File Bold Motion To Intervene In Hunter Biden's Lawsuit Against IRS

Hemingway: Hunter Biden Email Ties Joe Biden To Chinese Oligarchs

‘You don’t want the president’s son having ties to corrupt foreign adversaries or governments because you worry how that will affect U.S. policy.’


New documents reported by Fox News Wednesday show communication between Hunter Biden and a Chinese businessman, further implicating former Vice President Joe Biden in his son’s foreign business dealings, Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway said on “America’s Newsroom” Thursday morning.

“You don’t want the president’s son having ties to corrupt foreign adversaries or governments because you worry how that will affect U.S. policy,” Hemingway said.

New documents uncovered on Wednesday revealed that Hunter Biden sent Ye Jianming “best wishes from the entire Biden family” and requested $10 million from the businessman, who is closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party.

“The context of all of these emails and all these discussions is that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and his brother, James, have made a lot of money from companies or even governments that sought to access Joe Biden,” Hemingway noted. “So they would indicate that they were close to Joe Biden, they would get a lot of money, and they would also make sure not to put anything in a paper trail.”

Hemingway pointed out that some of the uncovered emails show that President-elect Biden’s involvement in the business ventures was not supposed to be discussed in writing. Despite this, she said, “Joe Biden has always claimed he had nothing to do with this.”

“But we have many indications that at least from the perspective of the governments and companies giving money to the Biden family, they were doing so in part because they wanted that access” to Joe Biden, she said. “Hunter Biden saying that he represents the entire family, and also the other emails showing that 10 percent was supposed to be held for the ‘big guy,’ Joe Biden.”

Hunter’s former associate turned whistleblower, Tony Bobulinski, has said that he talked with Joe Biden about the business venture. “This is in contradiction to what Joe Biden has said,” Hemingway added.

The revelations have sparked calls for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings.

“Special counsels are supposed to be in order if there is a conflict of interest that might be in play,” Hemingway said. “Clearly, there is a conflict of interest between the incoming president’s son being investigated while this guy is president.”

“I think that’s also why the transition team put out this notification about Hunter Biden being investigated,” she added. “They don’t think they need a special counsel.”

Hemingway also noted how the Mueller investigation exemplified a special counsel out of control. “That really caused so many problems for these years of Trump’s presidency,” she said, “even though they never found what they claimed to be looking for, which was treason and collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election.”