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13 Bits Bill Burr Could Never Do On ‘Saturday Night Live’

bill burr

As one of the few comedians left ignoring the boundaries of political correctness, it’s time for Bill Burr to liberate SNL.


On the heels of a lackluster season premiere, comedian Bill Burr is hosting “Saturday Night Live” this week. Burr’s turn at the helm of the fabled variety show will be a fun way to test exactly how weak SNL’s commitment to actual satire has become.

Chris Rock hosted the much-watched premiere episode, and delivered the best political bits of the night, but hardly pushed the envelope on cultural topics in the way Burr’s act does these days.

Ahead of the show, we thought it would be amusing to compile a list of bits that Burr could never do on SNL given its recent slide into wokeness. There was the time he explained why he’s “enjoyed the hell out of” Donald Trump, or the time he said Hillary Clinton goes to Bilderberg meetings, or the time he weighed in on domestic violence, or the time he explained why he’s sick of Michelle Obama, or the time he talked to Conan O’Brien about Caitlyn Jenner’s cup size.

Burr is genuinely a great example of what comedy loses when it accepts partisan goals and honors the limits of political correctness. When comedians ignore PC boundaries and don’t treat their act like a DNC ad, everything is fine. People laugh, nobody gets hurt, elites get knocked down a few pegs, and sometimes the audience even changes its mind. That’s why Burr gets away with it. He’s too good to cancel.

It’s time for Burr to liberate SNL.

1. How Women Fight

2. ‘No means no’

3. On Gold-diggers

4. On Black Athletes

5. Losing Weight

6. Women Are Overrated

7. What it’s Like to be a White Woman

8. Caitlyn Jenner’s Cup Size

9. Hillary Clinton ‘Blew It’

10. Hillary Clinton And ‘Illuminati Stuff’

11. No One Listens to Celebrities

12. On Michelle Obama

13. Sexual Assault Humor