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Megyn Kelly Is Back To Work: Makes Instagram TV And YouTube Debut

Former Fox News anchor and NBC News Host Megyn Kelly is back to broadcasting and original reporting less than a year after leaving NBC.


Megyn Kelly made her first real reappearance in broadcasting since she left NBC news in 2017 on Instagram last Friday. In the seven-minute video she released on YouTube and Instagram TV, Kelly interviewed Ashley Bianco, former ABC producer who was fired by NBC for allegedly releasing footage that suggested the network attempted to cover up the developing Epstein story three years ago.

With her Instagram interview, Kelly has re-inserted herself in the public conversation and added additional pressure to the developing NBC story. This isn’t the first time that she has confronted topics of controversy and national interest, but it’s the first time she done it outside of a newsroom.

The influence of mediums like Instagram is growing daily. And while the social media platform might be an unconventional stage for a news anchor, for Kelly it seems to be the latest in a long line of professional transitions.

“Follow along with me here @MegynKelly, for current stories and my insight in real time,” she wrote on Instagram.

According to Business Insider, Kelly first practiced law for nine years before beginning work with ABC news as an affiliate in Washington D.C in 2003. During this time, she covered the Bush – Kerry presidential race, and by 2004 was working at Fox News.

It was at this time that Kelly became what the Washington Post described as “a leading voice in political journalism,” covering stories like the Boston Marathon Bombings and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Shortly following the 2016 election, she changed employers again, moving this time to NBC news. There she would run a daytime news and talk show, star a Sunday Night program, and—again—cover some of the most pertinent stories of her day. But her relationship with NBC news would be cut short when in October of 2017, Kelly got into hot water after she made comments about the social acceptability of using blackface. It was these comments that prompted the chair at NBC to say that Kelly’s comments had, “no place on our air.” Kelly and NBC parted ways.

Kelly is a heavyweight in the news industry whose been in many different rings and traded blows with the likes of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and most recently, the Jeffrey Epstein story. Kelly’s reappearance on Instagram has made one things clear: she’s not done throwing punches.

The Epstein case and NBC’s prevention of its dissemination is a story that is also far from over.

Kelly’s interviewee on Friday, Ashley Bianco, was fired from CBS last week after ABC, Bianco’s former employer, alerted CBS that they now employed an alleged leaker. The clip, which was leaked to Project Veritas, suggests that news anchor Amy Robach had tried to report the story long before it was eventually breached by the Miami Herald, but was stopped from doing so by superiors at ABC.

Bianco told Kelly during her Instagram interview that NBC had the wrong person. She said she was the one who recorded and clipped Robach on the hot mic, but after saving it in ABC’s system, she never watched it or touched it again. Bianco maintains that she herself was not the one to send it to Project Veritas or anyone else.

A subsequent statement from Project Veritas backs up Bianco’s claim that she is not the leaker. On the say day as the interview, Veritas released a statement from the ABC insider, the title of which read: “Why I, alone, released the Amy Robach Epstein Tape.”

While ABC and onlooking audiences continue to sort out the details, Kelly’s video has gotten some attention in the past few days. As of Sunday night, the video released on Instagram had 25,000 views and had some 690 comments. On YouTube, portions her video have been shared by a few different channels, including Fox News and other, smaller channels following the Epstein story.

It’s not immediately apparent how Kelly will choose to continue her sudden re-emergence into the spotlight via Instagram. But as demonstrated by her interview with Bianco, the platform and an audience are only a few clicks away. Kelly might be out of the newsroom—for now—but Instagram is providing her with the means to continuing doing what she does best without a network contract.