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Everything We Know About The Texas High School Shooting


This post will be updated as the story develops.


At least eight people were killed on Friday after a shooter opened fire on students at Santa Fe High School in Texas. At least 12 others are being treated for injuries at local hospitals, including a police officer, according to local authorities.

The situation is still ongoing, as local officials say they may have located explosive devices on and nearby the campus.

A suspect was arrested and another individual has been detained. Both are believed to be students.

One student told CNN that the fire alarm went off early Friday morning, prompting students to go outside when shots were fired. Others said that the shooter opened fire in the school’s art room, which prompted the alarm to later go off. The sequence of events remains unclear.

President Trump called the shooting a “horrific attack” during remarks he delivered at the White House Friday afternoon.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that he and his wife Heidi were planning to pray for those affected by the shooting.

An unidentified man showed up shortly after the shooting with an American flag, carrying a handgun in a hip holster, saying that he was planning to walk to the school to “make America great again.”