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10 Things We Saw At The 2018 Women’s March In Washington DC

Thousands of women marched a second time in major cities across the nation on Saturday. Here’s what we saw in Washington, D.C.


Warning: some graphic content throughout.

A year ago Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States, and women took to the streets to protest against him. Thousands of women marched a second time on Saturday in major cities across the nation. Kelsey Harkness, Beverly Halberg, Lauren Evans and I went to the March in Washington, D.C. Here’s what we saw.

1. Clashes Between Pro-Lifers And Women’s March Protesters

Pro-lifer’s from Created Equal brought massive signs with graphic photos of aborted babies, which upset a lot of the Women’s March protesters. Some ultimately decided to stand in front of these images and hold up signs of their own to obstruct them from view.

2. Pussy Cat Signs

3. An Animatronic Cat Perched On This Woman’s Shoulder

4. Barstool Sports Fans

5. A Handmaiden

Costumes from the “The Handmaid’s Tale” TV show have been a popular choice among pro-abortion advocates and Donald Trump haters this past year. Awalin Sopan, of Northern Virginia, told me she felt scared when watching the show, which is a dystopian story about women being forced to carry and bear children for elite leaders. She said that’s why she chose to dress up as one of these handmaids.

6. Women Questioning Trump’s Literacy Skills

7. Government Shutdown Notices Everywhere

The aforementioned women who insisted Trump couldn’t read were perched on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where a notice was posted telling park visitors the site was closed.

8. Federal Authorities Protecting Marchers In The Midst Of A Shutdown

9. People Standing On The Ice

10. ‘Resisting Bitch Face’

Watch our Facebook Live coverage below, including on-scene reporting with protesters.