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Top 10 Most Anti-Religious Tweets After Sunday’s Shooting

After the Texas massacre on Sunday, Twitter has been abuzz with anti-Christian rhetoric. While some simply mocked prayer, others reached viler depths.

  1. Even if you think this, this is not the time to say it.

  1. Or it’s a sign that someone committed a crime.

  1. Politicians can be religious too, Anne.

  1. If Congress changed laws, the man who stopped the murderer wouldn’t have had a gun.

  1. Ill-placed sarcasm at its finest.

  1. How is this an appropriate reaction in any way?

  1. This is not a prayer-in, result-out token system.

  1. That’s not how this works, Jen.

  1. Prayers can now cause harm, apparently.

  1. This is such a flippant response to such a horrible tragedy.

  1. Thank you for your input, Matt.

Whether someone is religious or not, soon after a shooting is not the time to criticize. Off-the-cuff critiques of the prayer the victims held dear is not appropriate and adds nothing of value to the conversation.

If you can’t say anything nice, stop tweeting your thoughts. Even if you don’t offer prayers of your own, respect those that do.