Jordyn Pair
Jordyn Pair
MSU Students Are Right To Oppose Richard Spencer, But Their Methods Are All Wrong

If these protesters want to be taken seriously, they must make more of an effort to fight with arguments, not violence.

Top 10 Most Anti-Religious Tweets After Sunday’s Shooting

After the Texas massacre on Sunday, Twitter has been abuzz with anti-Christian rhetoric. While some simply mocked prayer, others reached viler depths.

Stop Assuming People Are Guilty Of Supporting White Supremacy Unless They Say Otherwise

Not making a Facebook post is not the same as driving a car into a crowd of people, or as supporting it.

What Twitter’s Reaction To Chris Pratt And Anna Faris’s Split Says About How We View Marriage

The murmurs of ‘love is dead’ are revealing about the modern perception of marriage and relationships. Namely, that it’s shallow and fanciful.

Why Donald Trump Belongs In Gryffindor

President Trump clearly doesn’t fit either the more demure natures of Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, leaving a choice between Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Transgender People No Longer Allowed In Military, President Trump Tweets

Transgender individuals will no longer be allowed to serve in the military ‘in any capacity,’ President Trump tweeted Wednesday morning, reversing an Obama administration policy.

Michael Phelps Raced A Simulated Shark And Now The Internet Is Outraged

Instead of having Michael Phelps race against an actual living Great White Shark, as the dramatic ads seemed to promise, Phelps instead ‘raced’ against a simulation of a shark.

ADF Demands Apology, Retraction From ABC News

Alliance Defending Freedom demands that ABC retract and apologize for a story in which they labelled the organization a “hate group.”

Congress’s Dress Code May Bar Some Professional Wear, But That’s Not The Point

Sorry, Rep. Martha McSally, you need to put on a sweater. Then change the rules. That’s what a society that respects social conventions and rule of law does: follow them while you negotiate changes.

The Popularity Of Fidget Spinners Shows How Schools Have Failed

This isn’t about self-discipline or ‘just concentrating.’ Schools aren’t teaching kids according to their developmental needs.

Nose Into The U.S. Government’s Plans For The Apocalypse Here

Historian Garrett Graff has recently released his book, ‘Raven Rock: The Story of the U.S. Government’s Secret Plan to Save Itself—While the Rest of Us Die.’

11 Trump Employees The Media Keeps Insisting Will Hear ‘You’re Fired’ Yet Are Still Employed

It’s hard to keep putting faith in the media’s reports until reality matches rhetoric.

Watch 20 GIFs Of CNN Getting Bodyslammed

After CNN threatened to unmask an anonymous Reddit user for creating a GIF making fun of them, the Internet fired back.

Here’s Which Democratic Representatives Support Impeaching President Trump

So which Democratic representatives actually support impeaching President Trump? Check out our list, starting with bill sponsor Brad Sherman.

The 10 Most Hysterical Liberal Responses To Karen Handel’s Win In GA-6

Karen Handel’s win in a Georgia special election yesterday sparked a flurry of tweets from Democrats seeking to rationalize the loss, bash the new congresswoman, and even blame the weather.

Police: No Evidence Killing Of Virginian Girl Was ‘Hate Crime’

Police have recovered the body of what they believe to be a 17-year-old Virginian girl who went missing on June 18. She was abducted following an argument.

The Congressional Baseball Shooting Only Proves We Need Less Gun Control

When attacks like the Congressional baseball shooting happen, many people call for more restrictions. But disarming citizens doesn’t also disarm criminals.

Harvard Rescinded Acceptances Over Private Facebook Posts, And That Doesn’t Violate The First Amendment

The First Amendment protects one’s right to say or do something. It doesn’t protect someone from any consequences that may take place in the private sphere.

CNN Resurrects Covfefe Meme By Pitching It To, Then Insulting, Spelling Champ

Before President Trump’s infamous ‘covfefe’ typo was deleted six hours after it was posted, it became one of the most popular ever, with 62,000 likes and 127,000 retweets.