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Mary Katharine Ham: Democrats Overselling Obamacare Is How You Got Trump

“The Republicans were elected to do something about a problem that really exists. We do not live in a healthcare utopia thanks to Obamacare.”


Senior writer Mary Katharine Ham appeared on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on Thursday, where she explained the falsehoods that Democrats used to sell the American people Obamacare, and how this contributed to their decision to vote for Donald Trump.

“The people who were wrong the first time around, and who I think misled many about what this was going to be, are now saying, ‘If you don’t get on board what we we want, then you’re literally an evil death party who wishes thousands of people to die.” Ham said.

Ham and Jen Psaki, former communications director for the Obama administration, begin to debate the need for reform after Psaki claimed that the latest version of the health care bill is part of “Paul Ryan’s agenda.”

“Just saying you have Medicaid does not mean you actually have health care,” Ham said. “I would argue that it’s hard to say that Medicaid should not be reformed in some way if it is not serving people better than being literally uninsured.”

Watch the full clip here: