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The Most Disappointing Season Of ‘The Bachelor’ Ended In The Most Disappointing Way Possible


Is Nick Viall determined to die alone?


The most disappointing season in “Bachelor” history ended Monday night the way we all expected it to: Nick Viall completely failed at finding true love yet again.

After proposing to Vanessa, the Canadian special education teacher who had literally told him the day before she did not want to be engaged, the pair joined Chris Harrison for a live special to talk about their wedding plans (or lack thereof). In seasons past, the chemistry between couples is usually a pretty good indicator of how the two feel about each other and how well they will likely fare going forward.

The tension between the two could not have been more uncomfortable.

Many viewers took to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Despite this being Nick’s fourth go-around at a televised search for love on “The Bachelor” franchise, it’s clear he and his brand-new fiancé are totally miserable.

I predicted from the beginning that Nick would completely ruin the 21st season of “The Bachelor” because he’s not in it for the right reasons (finding true love, getting married, etc.). He’s in this for the free booze.

Nick screwed up in a number of ways — he’s an unemployed louse who has been mooching off ABC for years in an effort to cash in on his reality TV fame and stave off having to find a real job. He treated the girls badly throughout the season and was unable to have any semblance of a real conversation with any of them.

Instead of picking easygoing Raven, the runner-up girl from small-town America, he picked feisty Vanessa, who has been very reluctant about leaving her family and job behind in her home country of Canada. The duo have a number of issues to work out, like where they want to live, when (read: if) they will get married, and how they will find gainful employment in a new country.

It’s going to be a mess, and it’s clear that whatever feelings resembling love the two might have felt during the show are gone now. Leave it to Nick to completely fail at finding true love four times over on “The Bachelor” franchise and anger all of the show’s loyal fans, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Don’t despair, Bachelor Nation: despite Nick being a total loser as this season’s “Bachelor,” America did gain a winner: Corinne.