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The Media Had A Bad Year. Here Are 10 Of Their Worst Moments


Let’s hope 2017 isn’t so bad! Ah, well. At least we can hope until 2017 starts and dashes our hopes.


The media got a lot of things wrong in 2016. From predicting every single turn of the election wrong to thinking that more gun control would stop terror attacks, pundits and reporters alike had a lot of facepalm worthy moments.

What’s undoubtedly the capstone of bad reporting was the prediction that Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election in a landslide victory. When that didn’t happen, some in the media, namely Samantha Bee, doubled down on their stupidity and claimed that white people ruined America.

After the Orlando terror attack, pundits insisted that our Second Amendment rights were to blame for the tragedy, and pretended like Islamic terrorism wasn’t a thing. When PBS’s Lester Holt finally got to interview Clinton after she had been actively avoiding the press for months, he asked her some softball questions, and it was embarrassing.

There are more. Here are 10 of the media’s worst moments of 2016.

Let’s hope 2017 isn’t so bad!

h/t Grabien