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2016’s Black Swans Have Arrived With A Warning To Americans


Some months back, I speculated this election might well be best remembered by a black swan appearance. When pressed for detail, I found myself unable to articulate what form it would take. It was visceral—a perception that defied specificity. Yet it seemed certain.

A black swan event is one considered so unlikely to occur that it is usually dismissed offhandedly as being highly improbable, if not pure fantasy. When they happen, black swans are high-impact happenings, demonstrably reshaping the status quo and often changing history.

In the 2016 election, one might suggest that Donald Trump’s candidacy itself was a Black Swan event, unexpected and tapping into a volcanic fountain of anger against the establishment. It has also attracted some unlikely allies. Did anyone actually believe voter angst ran as deep and wide as we have witnessed?

A rude, crude, and poorly informed Trump has demonstrated strength in the polls few could have imagined. It is abundantly clear that America holds politicians in very low regard. Perhaps that explains his strength in the polls.

Some pundits have speculated that because of Trump’s candidacy the Republican Party is, for all practical purposes, on its deathbed—that being the fate it deserves for Republican lawmakers’ repeated negligence in promising to roll back the march of Marxism embodied in the progressives’ agenda.

Millennials and orthodox blue-dog Democrats also hold Democrats in serious contempt. Strangely enough, the large labor unions remain loyal to Democrats while Democrats’ immigration policies are anathema to the welfare of middle-class union membership. One has to wonder how the union leadership profits while the members lose. In our current political atmosphere, it seems nobody wins except the politicians.

Hitting the Reset Button

The answer is to go back to our Founding Fathers’ principles, which made this nation a world leader. It’s all about learning those lessons from history so as not to repeat them. Perhaps that’s a hill too steep for the children of our education system.

If we are going to “hit a reset button,” let it be to restore a government of the people and for the people, as opposed to serving the needs of the ruling class. Every John Doe on Main Street knows the middle class has been sacrificed on the altar of greed, corruption, and fealty to the almighty dollar: principled leadership born of character is how to reset our politics.

That reset button means the American people must awake from their distracted slumber and hold our politicians responsible for their malfeasance. No consequences means no change.

Then the Black Swans Appeared

Like many voters, I hated the idea of voting for Trump—except that a non-vote was a vote for the equally repugnant Clintons. It was an exasperating situation to find myself in. Then, the first of two black swans appeared. The release of the Trump audio tape demeaning women should be the coffin nail in the Trump presidential race. If it is not so with the GOP, it is for me. I’ll stay home and pray for divine intervention.

As much as I regret to admit I believe Robert De Niro, the liberal actor, he has it right; Trump is a punk. He’s ignorant and lazy, a BS artist and an embarrassment to our country.

His attitude toward women is a national disgrace. We have witnessed how this egomaniac treated Megan Kelly, Carli Fiorina, and other women, then conveniently forgot it. Chalk it up to a concession to the greater contempt for the Clintons’ corruption, salacious lifestyle, and anger against establishment politicians in general. Trump, like Hillary, will command respect from foreign leaders only a millimeter less than Barack Obama has.

The second Black Swan landed when WikiLeaks revealed Hillary’s contempt for America’s working class during speeches to the pirates of Wall Street, the Podesta revelations, and her embrace of open borders.

She supports an economic system tailored to enrich the globalist oligarchs’ welfare and a border policy designed to drive the working man’s wages down. It’s all right out of the George Soros playbook. The Teflon coating the Democratic Party and their sycophantic mainstream media have bestowed on the Clintons during 30 years of corruption and openly disdainful regard for rule of law is equally damning.

Furthermore, one could reasonably ask, “How different are the Clintons in disrespecting women?” Do we really want a rerun of Bill sexually exploiting women in the White House and Hillary aiding and abetting the crimes?

Their vulnerability to blackmail in a world where no secret is safe is another matter of grave national implications. Nobody has a greater deficit in moral character than the Clintons.

If there ever was a grain of truth to the timeworn adage “Birds of a feather flock together,” our two presidential nominees personify it. These two camps competing for the same position is a bit of irony. Perhaps Satan has a sense of humor after all.

Naaah, he was just hedging his bet on the outcome of this election.

Salvaging Our National Honor

Our nation has reached a critical juncture in our body politic. Either politics is about money and power, values be damned, or integrity matters. There is no escaping the message of the black swans. Both candidates are loathsome. If either is elected, the stain on our national honor is indelible, irrefutable, and damning.

Republicans have a way out of their conundrum.

Republicans have a way out of their conundrum. Exercise whatever emergency candidate replacement rules they have, or formulate some, in order to dump Trump immediately and boost Mike Pence to the top of the ticket.

Meanwhile, search out a competent lady who is a lady, and put her on the ticket for vice president. America wants a lady, and both Golda Maier and Margaret Thatcher proved they can be smart, tough, and thoughtful. Any delay in the “dump Trump” undertaking underscores the reasons for America’s contempt of politicians—it is all about money and power.

Yes, Democrats need the same anodyne. If they fail to rid their house of the ethically and morally challenged Clintons, they offer the Republicans a windfall propaganda opportunity.

Character Either Matters or We Are In a Suicidal Vortex

Our American culture has reached a crossroads that offers renewal on one path or national suicide on the other. We, the American people, share part of the blame for our sorry state of affairs.

The ruling-class objectives are globalism, dilution of any national culture embodied in the Founding Fathers’ principles, and accumulation of wealth and privilege for the select few and their progeny. Chelsea Clinton is exhibit A. By systematically polarizing Americans against one another (divide and conquer), promoting class warfare, addicting classes of Americans to actual drugs and a substandard paternal government, the ruling class is on the threshold of total victory.

We need to renew our national sense of purpose, economy, and cultural norms, and learn the lessons of history.

Millions of young people have been schooled to believe they are entitled to a nanny system of government where personal responsibility is dismissed off-handedly and a perceived micro-aggression sends them frantically seeking a safe place. Such people are incapable of leading small businesses, let alone a nation in a world where global competition will only intensify.

We need to renew our national sense of purpose, economy, and cultural norms, and learn the lessons of history progressivism offers up around the world. If we are to save our nation from social and economic decay, not to mention foreign enemies who despise freedom of thought and opportunity, it will take every talented man and woman we can come up with.

Americans have three choices. Enforce our demands for responsible government, replace the government wholesale, or fade into obscurity like other banana republics. We cannot continue to sleepwalk through meaningless elections, tolerating feckless government at every level, and indifferent to our own culpability in the sorry state of affairs in which we find ourselves.

We can choose freedom, life, and opportunity for ourselves, our children and theirs, or we can blithely stroll into the dustbin of history as another nation condemned to death by its own slothful hand.