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4 Big Unanswered Questions About The Kardashian Robbery

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian West was allegedly robbed at gunpoint last night in her luxury apartment in Paris. The ordeal raises a lot of questions.


Kim Kardashian West was allegedly robbed at gunpoint last night in her luxury apartment in Paris. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was reportedly approached by five men dressed as police officers who forced their way into her apartment, where she was bound and gagged in the bathroom. The thieves reportedly held a gun to her head while they stole more than $10 million dollars worth of jewelry.

1. Why Was Her Security so Loose?

Here’s what we know: her personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, wasn’t with her at the time. The building’s night watchman, whom the robbers easily overpowered, was her only source of protection last night.

Michael Jackson’s former security chief has put the family on blast for not taking additional security measures after a run-in with a creepy prankster four days earlier.

2. Is It Possible This Is a Hoax?

His rebuke raises questions: was the building’s concierge really the only person protecting Kim? If so, why was her security team that careless? Is it possible this level of gross negligence points to a coordinated effort that her team, or even Kim herself, was in on?

Just hours before the alleged robbery, Kardashian tweeted about her bodyguard always being in her shot, yet at the time of the incident, he was away with her sisters at a nightclub instead of protecting Kim.

This brings us to a bigger, underlying question about this entire ordeal: is it possible the robbery is a hoax or some sort of stunt? Kanye has been very vocal about his money woes. Is it possible this is an elaborate plot to collect insurance money in an effort to solve her husband’s cash flow problem? The Internet seems to think so.

Some have compared Kim to Ryan Lochte, while others think the timing of her husband’s discovery of the news was fishy. Last night, Kanye West was told about the news mid-concert, prompting a dramatic walk-off from the stage.

Perfect timing!

If there’s any chance this is indeed a hoax, Paris officials would be smart to loudly say so in an effort to distance the crime. The headlines surrounding Kim’s robbery certainly won’t help the city’s attempt to revive its tourist industry after 130 people were killed by terrorists during a series of coordinated terrorist attacks in the city last November. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said Monday the city will cancel an expensive advertisement campaign, as the bad headlines surrounding Kim’s alleged ordeal will undo their investment.

3. How Did the Robbers Get a Gun?

Paris, after all, is basically one big gun-free zone. So how did these jewel thieves get their hands on a weapon that’s so tightly controlled? To own a gun in France, one must obtain a hunting or sporting license and undergo annual psychological evaluations. Unlike in the United States, in France no one is guaranteed the right to bear arms.

France’s heavy restrictions on guns aren’t preventing people from illegally obtaining them anyway — the number of illegally owned firearms is estimated to be double the number of legally owned ones, according to The Washington Post. In short, it wouldn’t be difficult for a ring of jewel thieves to get their hands on a gun (or several). So, how did these robbers get a gun? Did they obtain one illegally? If so, how are France’s gun laws helping anyone?

4. Will Kim Walk Back Her Support for Gun Control?

What’s perhaps the most ironic part of the entire ordeal is that Kim was allegedly robbed at gunpoint while unable to protect herself. In light of her recent ordeal, will she rethink her support for gun control?