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Gary Johnson, Bill Weld Blast Clinton, Trump For Being Out-Of-Touch Weirdos


Gary Johnson and Bill Weld criticized Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for being out-of-touch weirdos during CNN’s live townhall Wednesday night.


During CNN’s live townhall Wednesday night, Libertarian candidate for president Gary Johnson and his vice presidential running mate Bill Weld criticized Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for being out-of-touch weirdos.

“He’s a showman, he’s a pied piper, he’s the music man,” Weld said of the GOP nominee’s recent comments in which he called into question the patriotism of veteran’s families.

“Now what comes to mind is there’s a screw loose [inside Trump’s head],” he said. “Maybe he should consider some other line of work — like anything other than president of the United States.”

“I totally get it,” Johnson said about 64 percent of registered voters finding Hillary Clinton untrustworthy.

“Was there anything that she didn’t promise to anyone in her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention?” he asked.

Johnson hit the Clintons for accepting speaking fees from corporations that benefitted from their policy decisions.

“It smacks of pay-to-play [politics,]” he said. “I think it goes beyond just smacks of pay to play, that it’s really something that’s out there.”

Without being able to participate in the upcoming debates with Trump and Clinton, Johnson said he would have no chance of winning the election come November.

To join the other two candidates on the debate stage, Johnson needs to secure an average of 15 percent support in five polls. He’s currently getting between 9-12 percent, though a recent CNN poll found the Libertarian candidate did reach 15 percent in some midwestern states — which could be a problem for the two major parties come November.

Some have reported the debate commission may make an exception for Johnson and allow him to participate in several of the upcoming debates, despite his low polling numbers, to starve claims the political system is rigged in favor of the elites.