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Watch Trump’s Top Spokeswoman Get Demolished On Live TV


‘It is hard to understand what his policies are because Trump has actually not thought through his policies.’


Federalist senior writer Mary Katharine Ham joined “CNN Newsroom” on Wednesday to ask Donald Trump’s spokesman Katrina Pierson for an excel spreadsheet to help Republicans keep track of his ever-changing beliefs.

“It is hard to understand what his policies are because Trump he has actually not thought through his policies,” she said. “He says what is in his gut at that moment, what’s on his mind at that moment, and then we have to fill in the blanks after the fact.”

Hammer explained that Trump’s inconsistencies will be a problem for Republicans seeking office in November.

“The Democrats are going to happily put the two together and put whatever candidate it is in a purple state next to Donald Trump and make him answer for all his comments,” she said. “And we don’t know what those comments will be or what those beliefs will be from day to day.”

“If there’s an Excel document that you guys have at the campaign where you can update this, let us know. That would be awesome,” she said.

“He is a candidate who has happily and proudly spurned the entire idea of limits on his power as an executive,” Ham said. “[He] doesn’t have any interest in the Constitution and what it allows him to do and what it doesn’t allow him to do, and that is concerning for people who are interested in limited government.”

Ham noted that moving the country in a conservative direction requires “that you not hire a casual authoritarian” for president.