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Try Watching Hillary Clinton’s Cameo On “Broad City” Without Wincing


‘We need to drum up some excitement for the campaign, do everything that we possibly can.’


Hillary Clinton made a cameo appearance on Comedy Central’s “Broad City” last night, and it underscored how desperate she is for support among young women.

Just before Hillary made her onscreen her debut, protagonists Ilana and Abbi lurk around the campaign office where Ilana did a short volunteer stint, but was forced to quit upon learning that it was an unpaid position.

The two freak out about breathing the same air and walking on the same floor as “Queen” Hillary and subsequently lose their minds when they spot her in the office.

After a series of squeals, the girls introduce themselves.

“Abbi. Hello. Proud Demo. Crat. College. Aquarius. I pegged,” Abbi says, referencing the time she she used a strap-on penis to anally penetrate her male neighbor on her first date with him.

“I can’t afford to volunteer here full time,” Ilana explains. “But I still want to get the word out, so I vow to tweet once a week: ‘Vote for Hillary. Yas! Yas! Yas!'”

“That would be great,” Hillary said. “We need to drum up some excitement for the campaign, do everything that we possibly can.”

She’s not wrong. Hillary has been having a hard time locking up support among young, female voters. In Michigan, young voters were largely responsible for upsetting her anticipated win and crowning her opponent, Bernie Sanders, as the primary victor. In New Hampshire, Clinton only garnered 28 percent of the vote among women under 30 years old.

Feminists like Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem have been making an effort to womansplain why Clinton is the best, but other members of their gender team aren’t buying it. Maybe because she plays the gender card all-too-often while complaining that she ought to be treated just like a man.

Her annoying habit of flashing her woman card aside, Hillary has defended a child rapist and laughed at victims of sexual abuse. During her tenure as a U.S. Senator, she paid her female staffers 28 percent less than the men working for her.

Ilana and Abbi’s fangirl freakout is the latest in these efforts to “drum up some excitement” for Hillary among younger Americans, who are the target demographic of the show. Yet it feels out-of-touch, as we know their eagerness to support the former First Lady represents a minority of how young women feel about her.

At the end of her appearance, Hillary inflates one of those weird plastic wavy guys, to “boost morale” among the staffers in the office, she explains. She then insists that the inflatable figure is a “she” NOT a “he.”

“No no, it’s a she,” she explains with a wave in the direction of the figure.

If inflating one of those waving figures and calling it a “she” is designed to boost the morale in her campaign headquarters, one can only imagine how un-fun it must’ve felt in there to begin with. It also underscores just how bad Clinton is underperforming among young women, as she literally resorts to gendering an inanimate object as female.