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How The Left’s Immigration Tactics Created Donald Trump


Newton’s Third Law of Motion famously states that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac, it seems, was more than an astute observer of the natural world; intentionally or not, he was also part political prophet.

The meteoric rise of Donald Trump in America and the resurgence of the Right across Europe are eliciting fits of outrage and disbelief among the Left in this country and across the pond. Yet to a large degree the Left has only itself to blame.

Even as the number of Americans calling for stricter border enforcement climbed drastically, record numbers of Hispanic immigrants, many legitimately fleeing drug violence and corruption for a Land of Plenty currently $19 trillion in debt, flooded the country. In the process they managed to seize the lion’s share of new jobs in a nation still recovering from the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Then, following the cold-blooded murder of Kate Steinle by a multiple-felon illegal immigrant, President Obama remained silent, sadly choosing yet again to defend the rights of foreigners over the livelihood, and lives, of the citizens he swore to protect.

Even after the Boston Marathon bombing, the San Bernardino shooting, and several would-be attacks fortunately intercepted by law enforcement, the administration insists that accepting even more refugees, this time from North Africa and the Middle East, is in America’s best interest.

‘A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard’

Those who feel otherwise have been dismissed by left-wing mouthpieces as racists or right-wing terrorists, despite the fact that most simply insist the president enforce the law and put their interests above those from elsewhere. You know, do the job he was elected to do. Is it any wonder that Trump’s pledges to build a wall on our southern border and halt Muslim immigration, at least temporarily, are gaining steam?

The president and his ideological cronies have created a monster, and he has terrible hair.

The president and his ideological cronies have created a monster, and he has terrible hair. But rather than incurring the wrath of the mob himself, the monster is leading it straight to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, pitchforks in hand.

As Martin Luther King once said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” This is a riot alright, albeit a moral and philosophical one, and those making the noise have been repeatedly rebuffed by an administration that feels it can run roughshod over a country that stripped it of both houses of Congress.

All animals, humans included, turn aggressive when threatened. Trump is merely Middle America’s way of flashing its fangs, a warning that if you keep it up, you might get bit.

Lie Still and Don’t Think of Germany

Europe certainly has. Besieged by waves of refugees from North Africa and the Middle East and haunted by the continent’s violent, intolerant past, today’s far-left European leaders have sought to prove their evolution by blindly accepting anyone who can make the short journey across the Mediterranean—much to the chagrin of, you guessed it, large swathes of Europeans.

Not only are Europeans to finance the livelihoods of these poor, helpless youths, but they are also to stop being European!

While many of these asylum-seekers are indeed only asking for deserved respite from the desperation of their homelands, enough of them are more interested in raising hell to make headlines.

Lawless neighborhoods and a plague of possibly coordinated sexual assaults have been the result. The tipping point occurred on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany, where nearly 100 women were harassed and assaulted to various degrees by a large group of men, many of whom appear to be among the migrants Merkel insisted sought only safe haven from poverty and war.

Germany’s response: a crackdown on anti-immigrant protests rather than the influx of immigrants themselves, and a plea, by the female mayor of Cologne, for German women to observe a “code of conduct.”

Got that? Not only are Europeans to finance the livelihoods of these poor, helpless youths, but they are also to stop being European! They are to reject the freedom and tolerance that have come to define the world’s most progressive continent; the qualities that presumably both attracted and allowed the influx of refugees. It’s only a matter of time before Merkel respectfully requests that her countrymen cease consuming beer and sausages in a bid to make her guests feel more at home.

The More You Blame Us, the Less We Trust You

A New York Times editorial even went so far as to blame the attacks on Germany’s failure to properly assimilate the refugees, propelling the absurd and dangerous concept of white guilt to stratospheric levels.

Even as Europe unravels, Obama assures us we should follow in its footsteps.

The predictable result of this elitist cognitive dissonance has been a steep decline in the faith of German leadership and the ascension of the European Right (and increasingly far-right), mimicking the continent’s notorious unrest some 80 years ago. From Poland to Denmark to Sweden to France, the rejection of a “come one, come all” policy is on the rise. “History does not repeat itself,” Mark Twain is rumored to have once quipped, “but it rhymes.” Europe, then, is pure poetry.

But whereas the horrific nationalism that metastasized in 1930s Germany was primarily the result of right-wing aggression, today’s less-severe version is largely the result of liberal largesse, the willful tuning out of everyday Europeans under siege.

Even as Europe unravels, Obama assures us we should follow in its footsteps in accepting refugees from the same countries, further accelerating Trump’s ascent in the polls as the “irrational fears” of his supporters unfold across the Atlantic.

Meanwhile, the proudly intellectual Left is dumbfounded. Perhaps they should buff up on their science history—for every action, there is a Donald Trump.