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Senator Has 5 Questions Trump Should Answer Before Conservatives Support Him

We’re still waiting on his answers.


While taking a break from watching the NFL playoffs, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) tossed a few questions to Donald Trump via Twitter Sunday night.

Trump has advocated for bigger government in a number of ways — including a single-payer healthcare system, stricter gun control, and tax hikes — leaving many Republicans to wonder just how conservative he really is.

Sasse’s questions took aim at Trump’s policy stances, asking him to clarify exactly what he believes.

The reality TV star has often bragged about the women whom he has slept with, including married ones, and Sasse didn’t pull any punches with his fourth question.

Yeah, he just went there.

His final question for Trump was about his understanding of the Executive Branch, and he included an explanation of what Americans need from the next Commander In Chief.

Senator Sasse wrapped up his tweet rant with an earnest plea for answers on behalf of Americans.

We’re still waiting on the answers from Donald J. Trump and will update this post when he responds.