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Planned Parenthood And Kermit Gosnell’s Grisly Mother’s Day Celebrations

Planned Parenthood thought Mother’s Day a good day to celebrate abortion. So did serial murderer Kermit Gosnell, who once hosted a “Mother’s Day Massacre.”


One of the worst jobs you could ever have, one imagines, is to work for Planned Parenthood. Whatever else might be said for the organization, it’s far and away the country’s largest abortion provider, with a reported 327,635 unborn babies’ deaths under its belt in 2014. Planned Parenthood, despite its grisly line of business, inexplicably gets more than $528 million in taxpayer funding and it made more than $1.4 billion last year.

Being the social media manager for Planned Parenthood’s accounts, including @PPAct, would be particularly awful because you’d be spending your days advocating for the ending of human life after it began.

Shirley: “So what do you do?”
Judy: “I encourage people to keep the killing of innocent unborn children legal until the moment of birth. Sometimes even after that.”
Shirley: “Do you think you might be a baddie?

Now imagine you had that job on Mother’s Day. What would you say? You could stay silent but that would produce it’s own awkwardness. The fact is you’re in the business of taking the mothers of live, unborn babies and turning them into the mothers of dead unborn children. How do you spin that on Mother’s Day in a way that won’t make people recoil in disgust?

Turns out you can’t:

Behind all the euphemisms (e.g., “Roe V. Wade”) is the fact of abortion, which ends a human life after it has begun. And whatever else might be said about Mother’s Day, it’s really not a day to celebrate abortion. But it’s not entirely surprising that Planned Parenthood would think it was such a day. So did Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor currently behind bars for killing some babies outside the womb instead of in it.

Mother’s Day Massacre

Page 96 of the Grand Jury Report investigating Kermit Gosnell told the story of what has come to be known as the “Mother’s Day Massacre.” It was also detailed by James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal:

It was called the Mother’s Day Massacre—the brainchild of Harvey Karman, an eccentric California man without medical training who had served 2½ years in prison for performing illegal abortions in the 1950s. Karman teamed with a young Philadelphia doctor who offered to perform abortions on 15 impoverished women, each between four and six months pregnant, who were bused to the Philadelphia clinic from Chicago on Mother’s Day 1972.

What the women didn’t know was that they were guinea pigs for a device Karman had invented, which he called the “super coil.” He had tested it only on wartime rape victims in Bangladesh, where he had traveled under the sponsorship of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

That young Philadelphia doctor, of course, was Gosnell. The way the “Super Coil” worked was that a bunch of razors were coated with a protective gel and wrapped into a ball before being placed into the mother’s uterus. After warming up in the body, the gel would melt and the razors would spring open, cutting up the baby.

Of the 15 mothers who underwent the procedure, nine suffered serious complications, including one who needed a hysterectomy. Others had a punctured uterus, hemorrhage, infections and retained fetal remains. Karman’s conviction (only for practicing medicine without a license) was overturned and Gosnell totally got away with it. He left the state for a bit on the theory that if he did, he could return with no trouble. He was right. He completely got away with that and other gruesome abortion procedures until Drug Enforcement Agency requests entered his abortion clinic for completely unrelated problems.

Or as the Grand Jury put it, “The Board overlooked Gosnell’s unprofessional conduct not only in the 1970s but for the next three decades, as he continued to employ unlicensed workers to practice medicine at his clinic, and as his patients continued to suffer serious injuries or worse during abortion procedures.”

Whether it’s Kermit Gosnell’s Mother’s Day Massacre or Planned Parenthood’s Mother’s Day tweet about ending unborn life, pro-choice activists should probably just take at least that one day a year off when it comes to ending the lives of our young offspring.