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Breaking News Alert Instead Of Fixing Welfare, Biden Admin Targets Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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Why Some People Commit Suicide Without Warning

…you suspect it, address it. Suicide Information and Prevention Resources National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-TALK (8255) National Institute of Mental Health Suicide Prevention Resource Center American Foundation for Suicide Prevention…

New Suicide Chamber Glamorizes And Encourages Death

…message, encouraging people to commit suicide to “be fashionable” and trendy. Second, Sarco’s design takes the machine out of the realm of medical professionals. Unlike most other forms of assisted

Belgium Lets A Legal Minor Euthanize Himself

…from being called mercy killing, euthanasia, or assisted suicide. Thus the perpetrators deploy euphemisms to mask the brutality of what’s happening. Once life is deemed not worth living, there will…

Leelah’s Law Is Bad Law And Bad Medicine

…But this particular suicide seems tailor-made for a media blitz, because the teen’s suicide note contains so many of the talking points of the transgender lobby, including things like: “I…

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