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Abortion, Suicide, And Same-Sex Weddings Are Now Your Job


Despite all appearances to the contrary, the Left actually loves Kim Davis, who just switched her political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

The mantra against Davis is that you can’t refuse to “do your job.” Memes tell us that Ghostbusters’ Winston “didn’t believe in ghosts, but he still did his d**n job.”

This rhetoric provides a perfect distraction from the Left’s bait and switch. While they get you to agree everyone must “do his job,” they unilaterally redefine all jobs, including yours, to require you to help perform abortions, aid assisted suicides, and celebrateconsecrate, or solemnize same-sex weddings.

Job Coercion Rises Nationwide

We have all been watching Rowan County, Kentucky, but Ohio is engaging in radical job redefinition of this sort. In Ohio, clergy, mayors, judges, and others have the option of officiating weddings—but no judge must perform weddings, and no one needs a judge to get married.

But the Ohio Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Conduct has issued a new ruling demanding that judges perform same-sex weddings. It says judges cannot even opt out of all weddings if they believe marriage is one man and one woman—something President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both believed a couple of years ago.

California’s insurance mandate violates federal law, but the Obama administration has not stopped it.

Oregon, likewise, is prosecuting a judge for no longer performing optional weddings, in what even one of the more aggressive same-same marriage proponents at The Daily Beast calls a “hit job.”

Paying for other people’s abortions is your job, too. In 2014, California mandated that churches, along with everyone else, cover late-term, elective, surgical abortions in their health insurance plans. California’s insurance mandate violates federal law, but the Obama administration has not stopped it.

In Michigan and California, the American Civil Liberties Union is now insisting, contrary to federal conscience laws, that Catholic hospitals must perform sterilizations and any “common reproductive health procedures” (meaning abortions).

No Choice For You

Progressives still attack the Conestoga Wood Specialties/Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision because it affirmed your freedom to start a business and not be commanded by the federal government to buy abortion pills for other people. The Left defined that job to include abortion, too. Now they insist abortion pill coverage is part of your job even if you are a 100-percent pro-life woman at a nonprofit organization like March for Life.

This would deny clients, patients, and voters the right to choose a representative who shares their values.

Your next job is assisted suicide. California is on the brink of endangering people with disabilities by legalizing that practice. But Vermont, which did so in 2013, is now trying to force doctors to tell sick patients that the doctor can help kill them. Patients who want a doctor who wouldn’t dare suggest deadly poison as “treatment” will have no options. All doctors will be told: “Do your job.”

The same rationale for forcing Ohio judges to do same-sex weddings, which were optional yesterday, would likewise disbar attorneys if they focus on family law involving one-man, one-woman marriages. It would revoke OB/GYN licenses for those who won’t perform abortions. It would cancel oncologist licenses if the oncologist doesn’t promote suicide drugs. It would ban Christians from law and medicine entirely, not to mention public office. This would deny clients, patients, and voters the right to choose a representative who shares their values.

Shutting Dissenters Out of Jobs

But progressives gotta’ progress. The Left’s ultimate objective is not merely to legalize abortion, assisted suicide, or same-sex marriage. It is to weaponize government to coerce your participation. If you don’t “do your [newly and arbitrarily redefined] job,” you will suffer severe consequences: You will be fired. You will lose your law, medical, or other professional license. You will be ineligible to run for public office. You will be unable to earn a living for your family by running a small business.

This is what Justice Samuel Alito meant in the Conestoga/Hobby Lobby decision when he said U.S. law protects freedom of religion and conscience so the government cannot “effectively exclude these people from full participation in the economic life of the Nation.”

Now all jobs are redefined. If you want an abortion, you won’t need to wonder “who you gonna’ call?” Ghostbusters, Inc., will be in that business, along with everyone else.