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Podcast: Man Who Beat Terminal Illness Diagnosis Explains How To Fight Doctor-Enabled Suicide

Join Mollie Hemingway on The Federalist Radio Hour as she talks with J.J. Hanson and Dr. Brian Callister from the Patient’s Rights Action Fund.


Today on The Federalist Radio Hour, join Mollie Hemingway as she talks with J.J. Hanson, president of the Patient’s Rights Action Fund, and Dr. Brian Callister, also from PRAF. Patient’s Rights Action Fund was started to fight the legalization of doctor-facilitated suicide.

“The one thing that a lot of different people within our country agree upon today is that we all want to have some type of personal autonomy,” said Hanson. “We all believe in that as Americans. In theory, this would make sense for assisted suicide. If it’s just me, why should anyone tell me what to do? But once you look into the details of this legislation, you can find out it’s not just about one personal individual’s decision at the end of life. In fact, this is going to impact other people’s lives.”

PRAF gives strategic and financial support to help fight against assisted suicide throughout the United States. Hanson has personal reasons for his involvement in this cause.

“I am a terminal brain cancer patient,” Hanson said. “I was told that I had four months left to live three years ago. I’ve since beaten it; I’ve gotten well past it. But the legalization of the legislation could end up leading to the death of patients like me.”


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