Inez Feltscher Stepman
Inez Feltscher Stepman
Inez Feltscher Stepman is a senior contributor at The Federalist. She is an education policy analyst in Washington DC. Her work has been published in Orange County Register, The Resurgent, RedState,, and elsewhere. Follow her on Twitter @inezfeltscher.
How Uber’s Pay Gap Disproves The Pay Discrimination Myth

A company that allocates salary blind to an employee’s sex has still generated a pay gap, because men and women make different choices.

Trump’s Biggest Point Last Night Was The Need To Upend The Deep State

President Donald Trump called for something very controversial in Washington DC: to treat government employees as though they work for us.

#MeToo Has Descended Into Criminalizing A Failure To Read Women’s Minds

Consent is not a strong or clear enough concept to be the lodestar of sexual ethics. Currently overflowing tales of regret-filled hookups prove women and men both deserve much more.

9 Gorgeous Dresses For All Your Holiday Party Needs

Whether it’s a friend’s Christmas shindig or a stodgy and PC-approved office ‘holiday’ party, here are eight affordable party dresses (and one splurge) bound to make you sparkle.

Ladies, You Haven’t Been Raped If Someone Catcalled At You

We do a disservice to women who have experienced serious harassment or, worse, sexual assault or rape, when we lump them in with catcalling or mere boorish behavior.

Michelle Obama Says Conservative Women Don’t Have Their Own Voices

Imagining that women on the Right are mere sock puppets for their husbands, sons, and fathers is a crucial illusion for an ideology that has constructed a political paradigm entirely upon identity.

The Most Millennial Startup Ever Will Front Your Down Payment In Exchange For Airbnb Hosting

Loftium signs a revenue-sharing agreement with its clients, thus offering a new way for debt-saddled millennials to make the jump into home ownership.

7 Fall 2017 Runway Trends And How To Get Them For Less

Bits and pieces of what seems outlandish on the runway trickle into the options that end up on the racks across America. So why not get a jump start?

Here Are Five Pieces Of Summer Clothing You Can Re-Style For Fall

Looking for not-quite-fall-but-no-longer-summer clothing? Here are some tips.

Quit Glorifying Communism. There Is Nothing Romantic About Life In A Police State

The reality of life in the Warsaw Pact was decidedly different than the picture Kristen Ghodsee paints in her New York Times article.

Google Fires Engineer For Noticing Men And Women Are Different

Google’s reaction, first condemning the memo and then firing its author, confirms in the most unfortunate terms fears about the company’s ideological ‘echo chamber.’

MSNBC Contributor: Ivanka Is Anti-Woman Because She Wore A Pink Dress With Bows

Joan Walsh’s remarks are yet another demonstration that there is no feminist principle left-wing commentators won’t throw overboard to attack the Trump women.

Staying Fit For Your Husband Is One Of The Best Gifts You Can Give Him

Living in a post-feminist culture has made women both unable to recognize what makes men happy, and unwilling to make the effort to achieve that happiness.

7 Reasons SJWs Would Never Allow ‘Sex And The City’ To Air Today

On the nineteenth anniversary of the pilot episode, it’s worth looking back on how far leftism and political correctness have advanced since the landmark show was on air.

Ivanka’s Government Maternity Leave Ideas Will Hurt American Women

The government-driven maternity leave policies the Trump family has been boosting will punish mothers, husbands, and childless women.

The Founders Didn’t Want DC To Be A State, And Neither Does This DC Resident

The Founders wrote in Washington DC’s special status to protect the other states, and American citizens, from federal overreach. We still need that protection.

Men Care More Than Women Do About How Hot Their Dates Are, And That’s Okay

The relentless drive to make men and women interchangeable is not only doomed to fail, it makes us all more unhappy in our relationships.

Emma Watson’s Expectation Of No Judgments On Her Appearance Is Immature

Latest in the series of feelings versus reality matchups is the idea that the way you present yourself ought to have nothing to do with the way your ideas are perceived.

The Best And Worst Dressed Ladies At The 2017 Academy Awards

The Oscars are not just a time for rich Hollywood folks to call themselves migrant workers to shame Donald Trump, they’re also a time to enjoy the clothing.

State Lawmakers Need To Dramatically Increase School Choice Now Or America Is Over

The ferocity of the opposition to Betsy DeVos highlights the importance of maintaining control over a monopolistic system is for the education establishment.