Inez Feltscher Stepman
Inez Feltscher Stepman

Inez Feltscher Stepman is a senior contributor at The Federalist. She is also a senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum and the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a women’s newsletter. Find her on Twitter @inezfeltscher.

Milley’s Alleged Secret Calls To China Are Just Another Reason Americans Believe The System Is Rigged

Under the guise of “saving democracy from Trump” our media, intelligence services, government bureaucrats, and corporate overlords have kamikazed faith in every one of our institutions.

This Revolution Brought To You By Cosplay Politics

It can’t possibly be the case that the greatest republic in the history of mankind will be brought down by such transparent losers.

Don’t Drink Grey Goose Unless You’re A College Drunk

Contra your neighborhood hipster bar, there is no such thing as ‘craft vodka.’ Vodka is vodka, and there are only two kinds of it at the end of the day.

How Our Anti-American Education System Made Riots Inevitable

Rioting social justice warriors are remaking the world as they see fit, consistent with what they’ve been taught from K-12 to the highest echelons of learning.

‘Mrs. America’ Proves Lana Del Rey Is Right About Feminism’s Devaluation Of Femininity

‘We have to make space in our culture for their voices, and I see Lana Del Rey’s frustration as similar to Phyllis Schlafly’s.’

1619 Project’s Pulitzer Gives Schools One More Excuse To Teach Kids To Hate America

Despite the retractions, disparagement from legitimate historians, and ignored fact-checkers, the 1619 Project now boasts the industry’s most respected award.

Filthy-Rich Harvard Isn’t The Only University Taxpayers Shouldn’t Bail Out

With so many needing help after the one-two punch of the virus and attendant economic woes, universities, which have already drained trillions without fulfilling their promises, should be at the back of the line.

Phyllis Schlafly’s Ideas Still Sound Good Through The Warped Feminist Filter In ‘Mrs. America’

The series producers made an enormous error in thinking that Phyllis Schlafly’s ideas would sound as ridiculous to the average American as they do in Hollywood.

Why Bigger Government Is A Worse Threat To Civil Liberties Than Lockdowns

The real threat of government expansion is not lockdown, but the introduction of well-intentioned, but dangerously-designed emergency relief programs.

Democrats Rush To Damage Women’s Rights With Deceptive Equal Rights Amendment

The sweeping language of the Equal Rights Amendment provides a practically endless number of potential legal hooks for gender-bending social engineering from the bench.

Joe Biden Promises To Restore Obama’s Disastrous Campus Kangaroo Courts

By signaling his intention to restore the Obama administration’s unfair guidance, Joe Biden is showing voters he is willing to eviscerate those principles to please far-left activists.

Your Guide To Melania’s 7 Most Fabulous Coats

Just in the last few weeks of lower temperatures, the White House has been fabulous coat central. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

President Trump Is Absolutely Right To Assume Federal Agencies Are Against Him

Too many of the unelected bureaucrats who staff the alphabet soup agencies seem to feel entitled to circumvent the will of the American people when it conflicts with their priors.

5 Key Transitional Pieces You Can Wear Now Through November

Here are a few ideas for clothing you can buy for now that lend themselves perfectly to the autumn weather we know is just around the corner.

Campus Insanity Is Migrating To Society, And Republicans Had Better Stop It Before It’s Too Late

Regrettably, what begins on campus definitely does not stay there. It spills over into every aspect of our broader culture.

Joe Biden Should Apologize To Clarence Thomas, Not To Anita Hill

Apparently, even a favorable hearing in front of the whole world is not enough for a woman alleging that a man has sexually wronged her. Now we have to rewrite history to affirm allegations that the evidence contradicts.

Why Sticking Everyone’s College Debt To Future Taxpayers Is Stupid And Immoral

The biggest losers of Elizabeth Warren’s ‘free college’ plan will be poor, working-class Americans, and it’s only bloated universities that stand to gain.

Only School Choice Can Set Families Free From Transgender-Obsessed Public Schools

When parents’ wishes and values are being violated by gender insanity-obsessed school districts, they should be free to take their children elsewhere.

The Biggest Higher Education Scam Isn’t Hollywood Fraud, It’s Academia Itself

The justifications for propping up universities, which often act as little more than elite sorting mechanisms as well as left-wing indoctrination centers, are growing thin.

Federalizing School Choice Could Be Trump’s Common Core

The Trump administration now wants to take a successful conservative idea—school choice—and make it susceptible to getting strangled in federal red tape.