Inez Feltscher Stepman
Inez Feltscher Stepman

Inez Feltscher Stepman is a senior contributor at The Federalist. She is also a senior policy analyst at Independent Women’s Forum and the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a women’s newsletter. Find her on Twitter @inezfeltscher.

California’s $77 Billion High-Speed Rail Project Crashes Into Reality

Instead of running 400 miles of track through farmland in the Central Valley, Rep. Alexandra Oscasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal promises the same boondoggle on a bicoastal scale.

BRIGHT Newsletter: Virginia Governor Calls For Legal Infanticide

Catch up on this week’s news with today’s edition of the BRIGHT Newsletter.

Today Virginia Could Ratify A U.S. Constitutional Amendment Forcing Women To Get Drafted And Share Hospital Rooms With Men

The Equal Rights Amendment could do great damage to the American constitutional order by inserting progressive identity politics into the highest law of the land.

Saying Goodbye To Bre Payton

Looking around at the tributes Bre Payton’s passing has brought, it’s clear that the only people who didn’t love her are those who didn’t know her.

The Left’s Intersectional Identity Politics Are Racist, Sexist, Anti-American Lies

Not only is the intersectionalism lens incredibly boring, it also often produces one-dimensional or outright false assessments of motivations and actions.

10 Things You Won’t See Republicans Doing After Losing The House

Democrats seem not to be able to stop themselves from throwing all manner of tantrums when politics doesn’t go their way. Republicans, not so much.

Stick To Fashion Teen Vogue, And Shut Up About Politics

By aggressively politicizing fashion, Teen Vogue is furthering one of the most destructive trends in our culture.

5 Top Fashion Trends To Try Out This Fall

Fall is when silhouettes get more structured, beautiful colors like burgundy, eggplant, and forest green reemerge, and that huge stash of turtlenecks I have in my closet goes on rotation.

Federal Employees Who Resist Elected Officials’ Orders Should Be Fired

Today, it is nearly impossible to fire the 2.8 million federal bureaucrats who staff the executive agencies, from which they issue rules that directly affect the lives of Americans every day.

John McCain Epitomized A Dedication To His Country All Americans Should Share

Sen. John McCain’s first and most important allegiance was always as an American. ‘No association has ever meant more to me than that,’ he said, when conceding the election of 2008.

Why ‘Destroying The Civil Service’ Would Be Good For America

The United States’ civil service could fairly be described as the branch of the Democratic Party that does not have the inconvenience of standing for election.

Heeled Crocs Are A Leap Into Inglorious Shoe Barbarism

The hideous shoe is selling out everywhere and ending up on Amazon for $200 instead of the original price of $50.

Conservatives Should Absolutely Fight For A Supreme Court That Would Overturn Roe

Law – especially constitutional law – shouldn’t be made on the basis of policy preferences. Abortion is no exception.

Yes, California Has Effectively Banned Showering And Doing Laundry On The Same Day

Snopes, Facebook, and others purporting to ‘fact check’ conservative frustrations with California’s new water-restrictions law are the ones misleading about its effects.

Emails: Obama Team Plotted To Exploit School Shooting While Victims Were Still Unburied

Just two days after the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, and before any bodies of the dead were laid to rest, Arne Duncan and Rahm Emanuel talked political leverage.

Rubio Asks Feds To Investigate How Obama School Discipline Rules Affected Parkland Shooting

Evidence is mounting that the discipline and arrest policies of Broward County schools played a critical role in the Parkland tragedy by keeping dangerous kids off authorities’ radar.

School Rules That Allowed Parkland Shooter To Get Guns Coming Soon To Your District

U.S. Department of Education investigations push schools to turn a blind eye to behavior that rises to criminality, in order to lower suspensions, expulsions, and juvenile arrests.

The Top 10 Westerns Ever Made, Plus 10 More Deep Cuts

With their clear-eyed moral messaging, Westerns are a great antidote to much of the modern filmmaking landscape, where audiences are often asked to identify with the bad guy.

Why You Should Stop Listening To Oprah’s Therapeutic Poopytalk About ‘Being Yourself’

Oprah, the high priestess of telling people what they want to hear, recently advised a 14-year-old girl, ‘The highest honor on earth that you will ever have is the honor of being yourself.’ False.

Hillary Is Right, We Do Care What Our Husbands Think

Conservative women, as well as other right-leaning minorities, are dangerous exactly because they prove the triumph of individuality over group determinism.