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BRIGHT Newsletter: Virginia Governor Calls For Legal Infanticide


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VA Governor Calls for Legal Infanticide

Hot on the heels of New York’s abortion on-demand to the point of birth law comes a similar law introduced in Virginia. Fortunately, it failed to pass, but it did give Governor Ralph Northam the opportunity to make absolutely horrifying remarks on a media segment yesterday, implying that babies born alive could be executed.

“If a mother is in labor…the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and mother,”the Governor said, with basically no pushback from WTOP radio host Julie Carey.

The governor’s comments come after a viral video circulated of Delegate Kathy Tran, the Democratic legislator who introduced the bill in Virginia, clarifying that under her bill, a mother could request an abortion right up to the point of birth.

Since every pro-lifer and Republican candidate is constantly asked about the rare cases of pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, shouldn’t every pro-choice, Democratic candidate be asked to repudiate the extreme views of the New York and Virginia elected officials? Hmm.

There Is No Education Benedict Option

Speaking of culture war extremes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that our culture has zero tolerance for religion and religious people, especially when it comes to education. You will be made to care, and your private schools or homeschooling attempts aren’t going to remain safe zones in the culture war.

Mainstream television pundits mused about whether or not Second Lady Karen Pence deserves her security detail – after all, she teaches art at a private Christian school that actually upholds Christian teachings. Now, other schools are refusing to come to campus to play the basketball team from the Immanuel Christian School, because mere contact with Christian kids might give them cooties, err, make LGBTQ students “uncomfortable.”

The media lost it when President Trump cheered the introduction of Biblical literacy statutes in several states, despite the obvious fact that being semi-literate about the most important book in human civilization might be useful in, say, understanding Abraham Lincoln’s speeches. Or for that matter, avoiding the embarrassment of saying “Two Corinthians,” or misinterpreting an incredibly common phrase like “body of Christ.”

Meanwhile, the progressive agenda in the public schools is steamrolling parental objections across the country. Last year, a five-year-old in Georgia was allegedly sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a “gender-fluid” male classmate, after a similar bathroom district-wide policy was implemented. In California, parents have the right to be informed and op-out their children from sexual education on the results of heterosexual birds and bees, but not from “gender identity” and “gender expression” teachings. In New Jersey, a child’s parents do not have the right to be told that their child is being treated as trans by the school.

And that’s just an update on one of many culture war battles currently being fought (and mostly lost) in the public school system.

If you think that almost 90 percent of students can come through the anti-religious and left-wing indoctrination currently operating in our public schools and still feel any Enlightenment tolerance of you and your values, or care about the distinction between public and private education, think again. We must break the ideological monopoly by giving all parents full control over the dollars spent for their child’s education.

School choice, not withdrawing into the Benedict Option, is the only way to protect religious education going forward.

Just some advice from your local friendly agnostic.

Fashion Moment of the Week

Intimissimi, the Italian lingerie brand repped by Sarah Jessica Parker, is having an amazing sale. Time to pick up new pjs and silky underthings, perhaps?

Speaking of SJP, her new Stella Artois commercial, starring Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude, is pretty amazing. It almost wants to make me drink beer (I’m a wine gal).

Thursday Links

Parkland parents recommend local newspaper, which broke story after story about Broward County’s lax discipline policies, corruption, and incompetence that factored into the tragic shooting at Majory Stoneman, for Pulitzer. (Real Clear Education)

Here’s a list of all the popular and mostly-ridiculous diets floating around right now. (Water and seeds, really??) Could come in handy, whether for yourself or for navigating the dangerous waters surrounding a January dinner party. (The Federalist)

A thoughtful essay on the intellectual history, and the dangers, of identity politics. (The Heritage Foundation)

Federal employees make 17-30 percent more than comparable private sector workers, along with holding job protection so Byzantine they can practically never be fired. Call it harsh if you will, but if the rest of us have to be prepared for layoffs, I say they should be financially prepared for the occasional delayed paycheck due to shutdown. (The Federalist)

Apparently we’re all supposed to know how much a box of Cheerios costs now. Do people still buy Cheerios? I have better prices to memorize, tbh. Anyway, Morning Joe sprung the question on Howard Schultz, who says he doesn’t eat Cheerios. (The Hill)

ICYMI, my take on the Equal Rights Amendment, which is being dragged out of the garbage bin Phyllis Schlafly threw it in. “Just like the so-called ‘Women’s March,’ amendment proponents are using the misleading language of legal equality and women’s rights—concepts virtually no one disagrees with—to cover for a laundry list of radical progressive agenda items. It’s a bait-and-switch that legislators and voters, along with women, should not fall for.” (The Federalist)

Laughing at the FYRE Festival documentaries not enough rich millennial mockery for you? The Peloton stationary bike “lifestyle” got absolutely skewered on Twitter.

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