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Leftists Decry European Voters’ Rejection Of Globalism As A Threat To ‘Democracy’

By wrapping themselves in ‘democracy,’ leftists can cast their opponents as a danger to the very foundations of society.


DUBLIN, Ireland — Leftists often hyperbolize that questioning controversial elections their candidates win — no matter how many irregularities there are — threatens “democracy.” These concerns, they claim, undermine the will of voters and destroy confidence in the electoral process.

Yet when voters outwardly reject their asinine agenda and candidates at the ballot box, these “defenders of democracy” sing an entirely different tune. Such is the case following elections in Europe this past weekend when voters in several European Union (EU) member states rejected leftists’ globalist agenda by electing right-wing populist candidates to the continental body.

In France, Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party trounced French President Emmanuel Macron’s liberal Renaissance party. According to Reuters, National Rally won 31.4 percent of the vote, which is more than double the 14.6 percent Renaissance received. Le Pen, who previously ran against Macron in France’s 2017 and 2022 presidential elections, espoused hopes that the results will “put an end to this painful epoch of globalism.”

Macron announced in the aftermath of his party’s defeat that he is calling for snap elections for the nation’s legislative National Assembly, which will reportedly occur on June 30 and July 7. The move is seen as a major gamble that could affect the French right’s future electoral prospects.

But Macron is hardly the only globalist to suffer defeat at the ballot box this past weekend. In Germany, left-wing Chancellor Olaf Scholz‘s Social Democrats finished in an abysmal third place behind several right-wing parties. Preliminary results reported by Breitbart News show the center-right alliance of the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union in Bavaria finishing first and the right-populist Alternative for Germany party coming in second.

“The election was also a victory for the populist Alternative for Germany party, which beat out the governing SPD to become the second-largest German party in the EU Parliament, picking up 15.9 per cent of the vote, which will equate to around 15 seats, compared to 14 for Scholz’ party,” Breitbart reported. “The result for the AfD was the best ever for the party in an EU election since its formation in 2013.”

Right-wing populist parties also experienced electoral gains in Italy, Austria, and Belgium. Belgian leftists’ defeat prompted Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to resign from office.

De Croo previously voiced opposition to former President Trump’s reelection, saying earlier this year: “If 2024 brings us ‘America First’ again, it will be more than ever ‘Europe on its own.’” He also criticized the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

Citizens Voting Is a Threat to What?

It’s natural to be upset when your preferred candidate or political party doesn’t win. But what’s most revealing about the left’s visceral reaction to Europe’s election results is how much disdain they have for allowing voters who disagree with their insane policies to have a say in the democratic process.

While responding to the European left’s election losses, Raphaël Glucksmann, France’s lead Socialist candidate, said: “Everywhere in Europe, we are witnessing a wave that is shaking our democracy.”

Meanwhile, Columbia University Professor Sheri Berman reacted to the results by penning a column for Project Syndicate titled, “How Serious Is Europe’s Anti-Democratic Threat?” in which she analyzed whether the rise of right-wing populist parties in Europe represents a “threat” to “democracy.”

Not content to keep the focus on Europe, Berman waded into U.S. politics, claiming the Republican Party “has gone in the opposite direction from most of its Western European counterparts, transforming itself from a conservative party into a radical far-right one.” She also regurgitated Democrats’ phony talking point that “America’s democracy … will suffer” if Trump wins this November and forewarned that it would “encourage extremists in Europe and elsewhere to push the limits further and undermine the international alliances and institutions upon which European and global stability have long depended.”

“The US makes clear that extremism can transform a party quickly and degrade democracy even in places where its enduring stability has long been taken for granted,” Berman wrote. “Growing support for right-wing populists in Western Europe may not be an existential crisis for democracy currently, but it is a warning that must be taken seriously.”

Democracy for Me, But Not for Thee

The left’s absurd reactions to electoral defeat aren’t the least bit surprising.

Despite their claims to the contrary, leftists don’t believe in “democracy” unless they can bend it to further their political goals. For them, voting is a positive only if it’s dominated by fellow leftists.

But that’s why leftists dishonestly paint themselves as champions of “democracy.” By wrapping themselves in this term, they can cast their opponents as a danger to the very foundations of society.

To see this strategy in action, look no further than Democrats’ attempts to imprison Trump and remove him from the ballot ahead of the 2024 election. Trump represents a risk to their hold on power. So casting him as a “threat to democracy” allows Democrats to feign legitimacy in their weaponization of the legal system against him and conservative voters.

Whether the results from this weekend’s elections produce a more conservative Europe remain to be seen. But what is certain is there will be no election conservatives win that leftists won’t seek to undermine to further their Marxist agenda.

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