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Minnesota Democrat Signs Bill Banning Free Speech For Therapists Of People Struggling With Sexual Distress


Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill on April 27 that bans private conversations between therapists and patients struggling with their sex and sexuality.

Now Minnesotan therapists who help those with gender dysphoria accept their sex and those with unwanted same-sex attraction are banned from helping willing clients with these struggles. HF 16 bans these private, uncoerced conversations as illegal “conversion therapy” for children and adults despite studies suggesting such conversations can be helpful and welcomed.

“No child will be subjected to this outdated, Byzantine, and cruel practice of conversion therapy,” Walz announced during the signing.

The new law isn’t just an attempt to control how qualified counselors and mental health medical professionals deal with patients; it’s an attempt to chill the speech of religious and rational voices who oppose the radical alphabet agenda’s reach. HF 16 means the end of free speech and the free exercise of religion for anyone who wants to fend off an identity crisis.

Walz’s eagerness to censor discussions about treatment options for Minnesotans opens himself and his state to lawsuits from Christians and others who disagree with the ways radical LGBT activists force their ideology on children and traumatized adults.

While his actions have received praise from activists such as the corporate-backed Human Rights Campaign, Walz has also received pushback from constitutional advocates like the Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF, a religious freedom law nonprofit, said the law “jeopardizes constitutionally protected freedom of speech by allowing government officials to insert themselves into private, sensitive conversations between counselors and their clients.”

On the same day, Walz banned free speech for therapists he also made Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for those seeking abortions and butchers willing to mangle minors beyond repair. Before that, in March, Walz signed an executive order declaring Minnesota should serve as a refuge for child mutilation and maiming under the guise of “health care.”

Walz’s embrace of the totalitarian LGBT agenda is only one part of a larger campaign by Democrats and leftist-controlled institutions like Alphabet’s YouTube to silence anyone, including medically qualified clinical psychologists, from offering real, life-saving treatment to those struggling with their sex and sexuality.

In the past, these activists have resorted to (sometimes successfully) hijacking mainstream linguistic practices and punishing anyone who does not abide by their “pronoun” demands. Laws like Minnesota’s mean there is now a shift towards forcing Americans to check their speech with government censors.

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