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Study: 60 Percent Of Women Who Aborted Babies Say They Were Pressured Into It

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Democrats have only added fuel to the fire by targeting pro-life pregnancy centers firebombed by far-left extremists.


Abortion doesn’t just take one life. It claims two.

Study after study shows women who move forward with the deadly procedure that terminates pregnancies are far more likely to suffer higher rates of depression and suicidal ideation. Now, results of a new nationwide survey published last week in the Cureus medical journal reveals how many women are pressured into abortion over birth.

According to the peer-reviewed study by the Lozier Institute, more than 60 percent of women who have had abortions reported “high levels of pressure to abort from one or more sources.”

Researchers asked women to rate the level of pressure they felt from among five sources including the baby’s father, family members, other people, financial stress, and circumstantial pressure.

“Women who perceived pressure to abort,” they wrote, “especially from their male partners, families, or other persons, are more likely to report more negative reactions to abortion.”

“Abortion does not empower women,” said Tessa Longbons, a senior research associate at the Lozier Institute and co-author of the study. “Quite the opposite. The abortion industry enables and gives support to those who seek to control women.”

Pro-life pregnancy centers that provide resources to desperate mothers have suffered violent attacks from far-left extremists. Firebombings of pro-life clinics have escalated since the Supreme Court’s reversal of the 1973 decision Roe v. Wade.

Democrats, however, have only added fuel to the fire by targeting pro-life pregnancy centers with aggressive legislation. On the campaign trail last summer, Nevada Democrat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto championed a bill proposed by her socialist colleague from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, that would penalize pregnancy centers with massive fines for discouraging abortion.

According to the Lozier Institute, pregnancy centers offering women the material, emotional, and spiritual support to move forward with having their babies have saved more than 800,000 lives since 2016.

Despite their success, federal law enforcement has remained apathetic about prosecuting the domestic terrorism aimed at pro-life clinics. Instead, the FBI is prioritizing the political prosecution of pro-life activists. Pro-abortion tech giants in Silicon Valley are helping by suppressing search results about the firebombings.

“Abortion clinics cannot claim to be pro-woman while at the same time allowing the majority of their clients to be pressured into unwanted abortions,” said David Reardon, a scholar at the Lozier Institute and lead author of last week’s study. “In a country torn by political debate over abortion, surely these findings underscore one point on which we should all be able to agree. No woman should ever feel pressured into accepting an unwanted abortion.”

Longbons warned women who are coerced into the procedure “can have long-lasting mental health repercussions.”

“Now that the FDA allows the abortion pill to be dispensed without a woman ever seeing a doctor, the abortion industry’s coercion problem may only get worse,” she said. “Women deserve to be fully informed, and they deserve better than abortion.”

In January, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened the door for pharmacies to offer medication to terminate pregnancies at home, otherwise known as “abortion pills.” The effort from the Biden administration is aimed at circumventing abortion bans in red states implemented after the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe.

A coalition of 20 state attorneys general sent a letter to CVS and Walgreens last week warning major pharmacies against the distribution of abortion pills.

“We emphasize that it is our responsibility as State Attorneys General to uphold the law and protect the health, safety, and well-being of women and unborn children in our states,” they wrote in the letter reminding companies the mailed medication is illegal. “Part of that responsibility includes ensuring that companies like yours are fully informed of the law so that harm does not come to our citizens.”

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