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Unless You Want To Surrender The Senate To Democrats, Vote For Mike Lee

Utah voters should consider the consequences of effectively ceding a Senate seat to Democrats following the November elections.


At a time when even the corporate media has started to acknowledge that Republicans have a growing chance to retake the Senate in the midterm elections, one surprising state could stand in the way. Utah — yes, Utah — could keep Democrats in control of Congress’s upper chamber unless conservatives in the Beehive State understand what’s at stake.

Utah’s Senate race features unique dynamics. Democrats decided not to nominate a candidate of their own, allowing their party members to support declared independent Evan McMullin. In the same vein, the state’s junior senator, Mitt Romney, has declined to endorse his fellow Republican incumbent, Mike Lee, claiming he has good relationships with both Lee and McMullin.

But look below the superficial differences, and a common theme emerges. McMullin claims that, if elected, he would refuse to caucus with either the Democratic or Republican parties in the Senate. As a result, his failure to choose a party to caucus with would de facto amount to a gain for Senate Democrats and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Given the historically tight margins in both the House and Senate during the current Congress, Utah voters should consider the consequences of effectively ceding a Senate seat to Democrats following the November elections. Should McMullin allow Democrats to expand their majority, the following are several realistic outcomes.

Trillions in Spending

Lest anyone forget, Democrats put forward a “Build Back Better” (or more like bankrupt) bill last year that, if all its entitlements were extended over a full 10 years, would have resulted in nearly $5 trillion in new spending. Only a single Senate vote prevented its enactment.

With inflation still surging and the Federal Reserve raising interest rates in a belated attempt to keep up, the last thing American families need is Congress enacting additional tax-and-spend legislation proposed by the socialistic wing of the Democratic Party. But if McMullin’s election cedes control of the Senate to Democrats, they could get exactly that.

Filibuster ‘Reform’

A recent Reuters story appeared to minimize the idea that a McMullin victory could cause dramatic policy changes. The piece claimed that “even if a Senator McMullin felt inclined to throw party control into turmoil … the chamber’s filibuster rule requiring 60 votes to pass most legislation could stand in his way.”

However, most Democrats want to abolish the filibuster. And McMullin has stated publicly that, while he doesn’t “support abolishing the filibuster,” he does support filibuster “reform” — “including lowering the vote threshold required to overcome the filibuster.”

In other words, McMullin would support many, if not most, proposals designed to empower Democrats to pursue their radical agenda on a straight party-line vote.

Taxpayer-Funded Abortion-on-Demand

In a recent speech, President Joe Biden made crystal clear his prime priority following the November elections, presuming Democrats retain the majority in both chambers:

Here is the promise I make to you and the American people: The first bill that I will send to the Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade. And when Congress passes it, I’ll sign it in January, 50 years after Roe was first decided the law of the land.

Several days later, Biden went even further, endorsing the idea of a federal abortion fund, paid for by taxpayer dollars, being used to finance the procedure.

In other words, Biden and Democrats support taxpayer-funded abortion at practically every stage of pregnancy. If Utah voters elect McMullin, ceding the Senate majority to Democrats in the process, they will help to make Biden’s vision a reality.

Liberal and Woke Justices

All of the legislative scenarios cited above require Democrats to retain control of not just the Senate, but the House of Representatives. And polling suggests that Republicans remain at least slight favorites to recapture the House majority. So why should conservatives care if McMullin tips control of the Senate, if Republican control of the House next year appears likely, albeit not certain?

Under the Constitution, the power of advice and consent regarding presidential nominees lies with the Senate, and only the Senate. If Democrats retain control of the Senate for two more years — and McMullin’s election increases the odds that they could do just that — Schumer can work with President Biden on the confirmation of federal judges. With party-line control of the Senate, Biden could appoint more judges — along with Supreme Court justices — who support leftist priorities, like defunding the police and the continued growth of the administrative state.

A growing cadre of leftist judges, who could stay on the bench for decades and help transform the federal judiciary, would represent quite a legacy for President Biden — and for McMullin. But it’s a legacy that Utah voters should want no part of. They should vote accordingly on Nov. 8.

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