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Media Marvel At Babies’ Reactions To Flavor In The Womb While Championing Their Demise

Remember that the corrupt media always side with the people who are perfectly fine with ending those preborn lives.


Corporate media outlets were abuzz with excitement on Thursday morning over the scientific confirmation that babies in the womb visibly recoil at the taste of leafy greens such as kale.

The English study in question, published on Wednesday, found that babies in the womb have strong, physical reactions to the flavor profiles of the foods their mothers ingest.

Thanks to previous scholarship, scientists already knew that unborn infants’ “taste buds develop anatomically at 8 weeks’ gestation and can detect tastants from 14 weeks’ gestation.” There is also significant evidence that by 16 weeks in utero, babies regularly swallow and taste amniotic fluid.

Researchers for this particular study, which was conducted on 100 babies between 32 to 36 weeks gestation, took the in utero taste consensus one step further when they determined that unborn infants are capable of detecting, analyzing, expressing preference for, and classifying the “chemosensory information conveyed by flavor compounds originating in [the] maternal diet.”

That’s why when mothers in the study were fed carrots, which were classified as tasting “sweet,” “fruity,” and “woody” compared to other vegetables, babies, as measured on 4D ultrasound scans, expressed a higher “laughter-face” than the control group, which was fed nothing. On the contrary, unborn infants that were exposed to kale through their mothers expressed a higher rate of “cry-face” reactions. That facial feedback was attributed to the vegetable’s unique “bitterness” flavor profile.

Since babies learn some of the most important, long-lasting physical and cognitive skills required for neonatal life in early gestation, this particular study’s significance was not lost on the media.

“You guys have to see this!” one “Today Show” host exclaimed as her coworkers cooed over the “amazing baby faces” and “adorable” reactions pictured in the findings.

CBS News referred to the babies in the study as “fetuses,” but still highlighted the findings in a positive light.

It’s hard to believe that the same outlets that published pro-abortion propaganda over Father’s Day weekend praising dads’ decisions to end their baby’s life in the womb and propel Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda to the front of their coverage are now celebrating the fact that “babies” in the womb are living, “breathing” humans capable of amazing things.

One might think that the acknowledgment of the incredible complexity and sanctity of an unborn baby’s life is a win, but that would be a severe misreading of just how committed media are to aiding Democrats in their quest to legalize ending life in the womb.

In the most recent example of this abortion allyship, the same media that is is hypervigilant about “fact-checking” Republicans let election-denier (to use the left’s ridiculous phrase) and baby-denier Stacey Abrams get away with claiming baby’s heartbeats in the womb are “manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body.”

In fact, some media outlets such as The New York Times boost similar outlandish claims in their own pages.

The corrupt press doesn’t just conduct slanted polls designed to twist Americans’ true feelings about abortion. They also let Democrats, whose abortion extremism would eliminate any legal protections for kale-resistant babies from violence, get away with prenatal murder without any scrutiny. The corrupt media cheer it.

All these editorial decisions are designed to disguise the fact that Democrats’ radical calls for unlimited abortion through all nine months of pregnancy don’t sit well with Americans on either side of the political aisle. That’s why, when pressed, media activists hide the fact that they haven’t grilled Democrats about their deeply unpopular abortion positions.

The media can coo over unborn infants squirming when they eat vegetables all they want, but at the end of the day, remember that the corrupt press always sides with the people who are perfectly fine with ending those preborn lives.

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