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NewsGuard Downgrades Fox News While Rating Hunter Biden Story Censors With Perfect Credibility


The left-wing misinformation group NewsGuard downgraded Fox News this week while maintaining perfect scores for outlets that botched the Hunter Biden story in 2020.

On Thursday, CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy published Fox’s updated score, which dropped from nearly 70 out of 100 down to 57., the credibility rating company explained, “fails to adhere to several basic journalistic standards” and “published numerous false and misleading claims, including about politics and COVID-19.”

The popular pro-censorship browser extension also axed the network’s score with claims that Fox News handles the difference between news and opinion irresponsibly and fails to regularly correct errors.

“NewsGuard is a for-profit organization operating under the guise of an objective public service,” Fox News Media said in a statement. “Their management and editorial teams rely heavily on left-leaning sourcing to attempt to silence diversity of thought in media. FOX News is proud of the coverage we provide our dedicated viewers, which is why we attract the most politically diverse audience in cable news.”

Corporate giants that openly disregarded journalistic standards to cover for President Joe Biden two years ago, however, remain listed by the news rating group as unquestionably reliable. In the weeks before the 2020 election, the New York Post published a series of emails from an abandoned Delaware laptop that had reportedly belonged to Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. Documents revealed the Democrat presidential candidate was lying when he repeatedly denied discussing business with his son, “or with anyone else.” Another story revealed then-candidate Biden stood to personally profit from his son’s overseas business ventures with foreign adversaries.

The taxpayer-funded editors at National Public Radio declared coverage of the laptop a waste of time.

“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories,” the editors wrote.

NPR maintains a 100 percent credibility score with NewsGuard despite its failure to properly cover the Hunter Biden saga, which is no isolated incident of journalistic malpractice.

The New York Times and Politico, which each took months to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop, also have perfect credibility scores. Meanwhile, the New York Post, which broke the major story leading up to the 2020 election, is listed with a score of 69.5 out of 100. The Federalist has a score of 12.5.

In May, a team of researchers at New York University (NYU) studied the browser extension’s effectiveness at redirecting users to websites deemed credible by the company’s censors and found no benefits to individuals’ ability to identify misinformation. NewsGuard’s service, however, is still being implemented in K-12 classrooms, where teachers train students to avoid websites such as the New York Post, Fox News, and The Federalist in favor of NPR and the Washington Post.

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