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International Swimming Federation’s New Trans Policy Rewarding Preteen Castration Is Nothing To Celebrate

Limiting participation in women’s sports to men who took castration drugs when they were prepubescent boys is still a rejection of biology.


The International Swimming Federation (FINA) recently voted to limit the participation of males in female water competitions but the new policy rewards the chemical castration and mutilation of preteen boys by promising them a place in women’s competitions as long as they start sex experiments before they turn 12 years old.

On its face, FINA’s decision looks like a win for women who have begged and pleaded for fair, female-only sports competitions that can’t be infiltrated by males. While it’s true that men such as infamous University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas will not be permitted to compete in upcoming FINA competitions, the organization’s new policy has caveats that allow men to compete against women so long as they undergo irreversible and risky sex experiments as young minors.

The corporate media and leftists may have lamented FINA’s change for “restrict[ing] transgender women from competing at elite level” and “deeply discriminatory, harmful, unscientific” but the organization’s “gender inclusion policy” doesn’t actually stop men masquerading as women from participating and still apologizes to “individuals and groups [who] may be uncomfortable with the use of medical and scientific terminology related to sex and sex-linked traits.”

FINA President Husain Al-Musallam’s spokesman James Pearce clarified that “this is not saying that people are encouraged to transition by the age of 12,” but his so-called reassurance that “transitions” for children are not encouraged (nor allowed in many countries) and that puberty is what gives males an advantage in female competitions should raise eyebrows.

Being male isn’t something that happens just because of puberty. It’s something that begins in the womb and lasts in DNA for a lifetime no matter how many bodily alterations are applied. Limiting participation in women’s competitions to men who took castration drugs when they were prepubescent boys is still a rejection of biology and the fact that sex is intrinsic. It also neglects the primary concerns of women who simply want a fair chance to compete against other females.

That’s not something to be celebrated or tolerated. Especially since other organizations such as the International Olympic Committee and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which have long operated under reality-denying policies that claim sex is something that is measured by hormone levels in the body, have abandoned the truth about biology for a brand of “inclusion” that edges women out of their own sports.

There’s already a cultural push to brainwash and mutilate children. Even without sports organizations encouraging the castration of preteens, the “recommendations” for irreversible sex experiments on children get younger and younger each year. The last thing this world needs is elite, global sports associations rewarding parents of children still too young to join the JV team at school for carving up their little boys.