Sarah Weaver
Sarah Weaver

Sarah Weaver is a graduate student at Hillsdale College. You can read more of her work as well as contact her through her website at Find Sarah on Twitter @SarahHopeWeaver.

When Cheap, Angry Trends Have Died Out, The Classics Will Remain

The classics are classics for a reason and offer valuable, time-worn lessons about humanity itself.

Bob Dylan’s ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ Still Sticks It To The Man

Sprinkled in Bob Dylan’s folk-rock protest music are examples of quiet responses to the establishment’s reasonless rules. It may be more apt today than it was when he wrote it.

Dave Rubin On Where Liberals And Conservatives Can Agree, And Where They Can’t

The popular YouTuber and podcaster’s ‘Don’t Burn This Book’ lends itself to a broader conversation on the roles of conservatism and liberalism.

In ‘Mrs. America,’ Hollywood Once Again Fails To Understand Conservative Women

To Hollywood, Schlafly was either a confused victim suffering from a chronic case of Stockholm syndrome or a purely evil, power-hungry denigrator of women — or both.

Arthur Brooks Considers The Promise—And Peril—Of Loving Your Enemies

In ‘Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America From the Culture of Contempt,’ Brooks writes that treating political enemies with contempt is not only inadvisable, but dangerous—for ourselves and others.

Northam’s Support For Late-Term Abortion Proves He’s As Prejudiced As Ever

Gov. Ralph Northam hasn’t undergone a personal transformation; his disregard for human dignity has been consistent for the past four decades.