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Hillary-Endorsed Abortion Group Targeting Churches Is A Front For Revolutionary Communists

abortion protestors march
Image CreditThe Revcoms/YouTube

The radical Revolutionary Communist Party is behind Rise Up 4 Abortion, the group organizing Mother’s Day protests across the country.


Following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, left-wing organizers have swept into action, launching rallies and events designed to put pressure on the justices. Over the Mother’s Day Weekend protestors forced Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to an undisclosed location and carried out disruptive demonstrations outside — and in some cases inside — a number of churches including New York’s St. Patrick Cathedral, where a picture of pro-life Catholics blocking the entrance to the church from screaming protestors went viral.

In a number of pictures and videos from the Mother’s Day protests, abortion protestors were seen wearing green bandanas, shirts, and holding green banners, part of a #Green4Abortion campaign. The color choice was even endorsed by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who tweeted out an announcement for a protest in New York’s Foley Square with the instructions “wear green.”

The organization responsible for the hashtag encouraging supporters to wear green is Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights which launched “a ‘week of action’ beginning on May 8, Mother’s Day, including an emphasis on “Actions Outside of Churches.”

Rise Up 4 Abortion’s Twitter page shows them playing a major role in protests in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago over the weekend, with additional protests planned May 14 in New York City, Chicago, Austin, Honolulu, Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston.

While the left’s ability to rapidly throw together color-coordinated protest groups is well known, in this case, there is more to Rise Up 4 Abortion than meets the eye. An examination of the group’s website suggests the group is little more than a front for the radical Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), a Maoist organization founded by ‘60s radical Bob Avakian, a former leader of the Anti-war Students for a Democratic Society.

For starters, the group references leading RCP member and Avakian devotee Sunsara Taylor and directs donors via Paypal to World Can’t Wait Inc., another organization co-founded by Taylor. World Can’t Wait also shares a mailing address with Refuse Fascism, another Taylor-led RCP front group that organized Antifa-style protests aimed at the Trump Administration. The Rise Up 4 Abortion page even includes a link to “Revolution Nothing Less!,” an RCP Youtube show, “based on Bob Avakian’s new Communism.”

The RCP has historically played a front and center role in orchestrating violent riots, including the 1992 Los Angeles Rodney King Riots and the 2014 Ferguson riots, where the Daily Beast called them “the communist agitators trying to ignite Ferguson.”

The Revolutionary Communist Party is no mere liberal wine moms, despite urging people to vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 election. Instead, the party’s constitution says they openly seek, “a revolution that overthrows this system and the capitalist-imperialist class that embodies and runs it—a revolution that will immediately establish a new power.”

Avakian has called “the overthrow of U.S. imperialism and the establishment of the revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat” the “greatest contribution to the world revolution that can be made…”

Despite their Communist orientation the group clearly has no problem seeking funding and support from Democrat billionaires like George Soros and Tom Steyer, according to a June 2020 undercover video by Project Veritas showing Refuse Fascism organizers discussing fundraising efforts. Other support for RCP’s Refuse Fascism project came from the Alliance for Global Justice, a 501(c) with historic links to the communist Sandinistas.

Ironically, not everyone in the pro-Abortion coalition is excited about marching alongside overt Maoists. D.C. Anti-Fascist Action, a Washington D.C. based Antifa group, posted a series of tweets condemning the RCP as a “cult”:

The Antifa account went on to link a Twitter thread calling for RCP signs and banners to be taken down.

Tension between anarchist groups and more hierarchical communist groups is not uncommon among the radical left, but it does raise important questions. If even Antifa knows that the presence of the RCP at protests is bad news, why can’t Hillary Clinton and other Democrats come to the same conclusion?