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100 Facts Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Should Now Allow People To Say Without Getting Banned

Enjoy these 100 facts that censorious Democrats might not like but a free-speech Twitter should let people tweet.


It’s only been a couple of days since Elon Musk officially took the Twitter reins completely, and already notable conservative accounts are seeing a remarkable spike in followers. But there’s a long road ahead if Musk wants to make the website a haven for free speech, starting with reinstating the account of the 45th president and releasing Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson from Twitter jail.

“Free speech haven” appears to be precisely Musk’s goal, though, so we have hope things will keep looking up. Here’s to no more “hateful content” warnings for pointing out the Y chromosome or saying the 2020 election wasn’t perfect.

To that end, I’ve compiled 100 facts that censorious Democrats might not like but Musk-owned Twitter should let people tweet.

1. Boys and girls are different.

2. Ivermectin works.

3. Cloth masks aren’t effective.

4. Lockdowns caused more harm than good.

5. Hunter Biden’s laptop is real.

6. Black Lives Matter is a grift.

7. Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s sketchy foreign business.

8. Rachel Levine is a man.

9. The 2020 election was rigged.

10. People who teach gender identity to kindergarteners are groomers.

11. Preborn children are living humans.

12. “Gender affirmation” is child abuse.

13. AR-15s aren’t assault weapons.

14. Shotguns kick harder than semi-automatic rifles.

15. Gas prices are Joe Biden’s fault.

16. Inflation isn’t Vladimir Putin’s fault.

17. Covid vaccines don’t keep you from getting the WuFlu.

18. Covid vaccines don’t keep you from spreading the WuFlu.

19. Covid vaccines were a success of the Trump administration.

20. Peaceful protests aren’t fiery.

21. Donald Trump didn’t collude with Russia.

22. Barack Obama spied on the Trump campaign.

23. Covid probably escaped from a lab.

24. Communist China is committing genocide.

25. Roe v. Wade is bad case law.

26. College is overrated.

27. “Government-funded” means taxpayer-funded.

28. The world is not ending from climate change in the next decade.

29. Clean energy isn’t clean.

30. Fauci lied. People died.

31. Murdering babies in utero isn’t “eradicating” Down syndrome.

32. “Latinx” is not a real word.

33. The 1619 Project is historically inaccurate.

34. Drag Queen Story Hour is not a blessing of liberty.

35. Stacey Abrams has never been governor of Georgia.

36. Donald Trump never incited an insurrection.

37. “Mainstream” doesn’t define the corporate press.

38. Children have a right to a mother and a father.

39. Jack Phillips did nothing wrong.

40. Trans policies are hurting women.

41. Critical race theory is ideological poison.

42. Public schools are corrupted by critical race theory.

43. Conservative parents aren’t “domestic terrorists.”

44. Transition regret is real.

45. Paper straws suck.

46. Minimum wage isn’t supposed to be a “living wage.”

47. Obesity shouldn’t be celebrated.

48. The United States should not go to war with Russia.

49. Joe Biden is a plagiarist.

50. Declaring a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be declaring war on Russia.

51. Abortion isn’t health care.

52. Wrong-sex hormones aren’t health care.

53. Covid is no longer an emergency.

54. Jobs recovered after government-induced lockdowns aren’t “new jobs.”

55. Mask mandates didn’t work.

56. Vaccine mandates didn’t work.

57. Parents should have a say in what their children learn in taxpayer-funded schools.

58. Brett Kavanaugh isn’t a gang rapist.

59. You can define “woman” without being a biologist.

60. Taylor Lorenz is a doxxer.

61. Satire isn’t hate speech.

62. Common Core is a failure.

63. The deep state is real.

64. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” was a lie.

65. Strong borders matter.

66. The Jan. 6 Committee is a sham.

67. The first impeachment of Donald Trump was a sham.

68. The second impeachment of Donald Trump was a sham.

69. Censorship by non-state actors is still censorship.

70. Pornographic books are not appropriate for elementary schoolers.

71. Hatred for white people based on their skin color is racism.

72. Children don’t need smartphones.

73. Masculinity isn’t toxic.

74. Feminism lied to women.

75. Student loan forgiveness advantages high-earning doctors and lawyers most.

76. Disney hates your values.

77. Joe Biden wrecked the economy.

78. Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was deadly.

79. Careers don’t bring women more happiness than motherhood.

80. Ketanji Brown Jackson went soft on child porn offenders.

81. Hunter Biden lied on a federal background check form to illegally buy a gun.

82. Trans bathroom policies put girls in danger.

83. Jan. 6 rioters didn’t kill anyone.

84. Black Lives Matter rioters killed dozens of people.

85. Florida’s Parental Right in Education Law still allows people to “say gay.”

86. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing home policies killed people.

87. Silence isn’t violence.

88. Speech isn’t violence.

89. Border Patrol agents didn’t whip migrants.

90. Joe Biden hasn’t apologized for lying that they did.

91. Lia Thomas is a man.

92. Rochelle Walensky colluded with teachers unions to keep schools closed.

93. Children have never been at significant risk of death from Covid-19.

94. This inflation isn’t transitory.

95. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee funded the Steele dossier.

96. The Steele dossier was bogus.

97. Rep. Eric Swalwell hasn’t denied sleeping with a Chinese spy.

98. Biden’s director of the Bureau of Land Management is an eco-terrorist.

99. Mark Zuckerberg paid to staff government elections offices with Democrats.

100. The corporate media are fake news.