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Ron Johnson Is Asking All The Hunter Biden Questions The Media Should Be

It ‘ought to concern every American,’ Johnson rightly concluded. But when will it start concerning the corporate media?


MADISON, Wis. — Although the media are finally acknowledging, way too little too late, that the Hunter Biden laptop and its incriminating contents are actually legitimate, it is largely burying the lede, neglecting to give the scandal the attention it deserves and refusing to ask important questions.

Two GOP senators, Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, are the only lawmakers who seem much to care. Over the last week, they’ve released a series of reports including bank receipts showing that the president’s son received payments from foreign oligarchs that show “the extent to which President Biden might be — and almost certainly is — compromised.”

For its part, the media should take a cue from Johnson, who is asking all the questions they should be. In response to inquiries from The Federalist at a parent town hall in Madison, Wisconsin, on Friday, Johnson shed more light on the investigation.

For starters, Hunter wasn’t the target of Johnson and Grassley’s investigation, the senator stressed. It all started with an investigation into the Russia collusion hoax and the federal law enforcement agencies involved, such as the FBI and Department of Justice, but during the Trump impeachment regarding his phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the “conflict of interest of Hunter Biden in Ukraine just got on the radar.”

Unlike the corporate media, which stayed fixated on Trump’s nothingburger phone call, the senators began looking into the Biden family’s conflicts of interest.

“As we started digging into that, we found a vast web of foreign financial entanglements that certainly concerned us how that might impact and compromise a potential President Biden, and I think now we’re seeing that concern right here,” Johnson said.

Johnson added that although his report was “widely ignored by the media,” more information will continue to surface from Hunter’s infamous laptop. Although the corporate press downplayed as “Russian disinformation” in the run-up to the 2020 election to help Joe Biden get elected, Johnson said it is a “treasure trove of troubling information” that “should concern every American.”

There are questions begging to be asked, and if the media refuse to dig into them, Johnson has made clear he will do it himself:

“Why did, for example, President Biden cancel the sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline? Why did he cancel the China initiative, which was designed to investigate and uncover Chinese theft of our intellectual property here at universities?” Johnson asked. “Could it be because of these financial foreign entanglements? A part of his family cashing in on his political position? Is he compromised?”

These questions demand answers, but corporate journalists have relinquished their primary duty of uncovering and communicating the truth to instead protect some of the most powerful people in America because it serves their partisan ends.

As Biden family information continues to come out, the media will almost assuredly ignore it as they have been doing — or at least do all they can to make it seem as unsensational as possible. For instance, when the New York Times finally admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop was legitimate, it did so in a bland article about a tax investigation — and just casually mentioned the laptop’s validity nearly 25 paragraphs into the story.

“I think there’s going to be more information coming forward, but we do need to get to the bottom of this because I might not know, the American public might not know, all the details of the Biden foreign financial entanglements, but I’ll tell you who does know: Chinese intelligence, Russian intelligence, probably Iranian, North Korean intelligence — I would guess there are probably elements within our own intelligence agencies, law enforcement that know, but they’re just not going to tell us,” Johnson said.

“That ought to concern every American,” he rightly concluded.

When will it start concerning the corporate media?