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Debunking Biden’s SOTU Border Baloney Line By Line

Does President Joe Biden really believe Americans will buy his lies about the southern border? C’mon, man!


Despite creating the nation’s biggest border crisis to date, President Joe Biden pretended during his State of the Union Address on Tuesday that things on the largely neglected southern border are going great and that any problems are not ones he created — but rather ones we can all fix together.

Biden and his “border czar” Vice President Kamala Harris successfully avoided visiting the U.S.-Mexico border for months while agents struggled to manage the influx of migrants and narcotics being smuggled into the United States. Now that the Biden-Harris ticket’s approval ratings are tanking, the president has the audacity to claim that “if we are to advance liberty and justice, we need to secure the border and fix the immigration system.”

“We can do both,” Biden insisted during his speech to the nation.

The Democrat’s rosy rhetoric, however, could not be further from reality. While the White House was focused on pumping federal cash into an already inflated economy, pushing the nation back into energy dependence, and botching a withdrawal from Afghanistan, millions of illegal aliens and illicit drugs poured across the U.S.-Mexico border with little-to-no scrutiny.

Just one year after stripping the border protections enacted by the Trump administration, Biden said he wants to secure the southern border and that he’s taking swift action to do so. The truth is, however, that more than 100,000 illegal migrants are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border each month after the Biden administration touted open borders and a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals for more than a year.

The president claimed on Tuesday that he has already begun to secure the border by installing “new technology like cutting-edge scanners to better detect drug smuggling.” What Biden didn’t mention is that these new “scanners” were designed to monitor vehicles crossing at legal ports of entry but have no power over smugglers who infiltrate the border illegally.

Since Biden assumed office in January of 2021, Border Patrol agents encountered more than 2 million people along the southern border and seized record numbers of lethal, illicit drugs. In vulnerable border areas such as South Texas, fentanyl seizures went up by 1,066 percent. Biden can brag about new border technology all he wants, but his scanners are worthless if they don’t catch the drugs that are brought across the border by illegal aliens. Even if the scanners were used outside of legal ports of entry, many border agents are too preoccupied with babysitting makeshift migrant camps to arrest smugglers.

Biden also claimed during his address that “we’ve set up joint patrols with Mexico and Guatemala to catch more human traffickers,” but the president’s pledge to quash human smuggling at the border is at odds with his administration’s commitment to shipping unaccompanied minors via covert “ghost” flights to different states with hardly any transparency or vetting.

As a result of these resettlement flights, federal officials have lost track of almost 40 percent of migrant children who were released from border officials’ custody between January and May of last year. This lucrative scheme, which has been condemned as child trafficking by people like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, simply incentivizes human smuggling, not discourages it.

For illegal aliens who haven’t been resettled in other states, the president bragged that his administration is working hard to instate “dedicated immigration judges so families fleeing persecution and violence can have their cases heard faster.”

These judges will also most likely hear the cases of repeat border offenders, many sustained by U.S. tax dollars handed out by federally funded aid organizations, who have been trained to recover “repressed memories” of circumstances that would qualify them for asylum and residence.

Biden concluded his short mention of the border on Tuesday by parroting the same rhetoric that inspired aliens to flood the U.S. border in the first place.

“We can do all this while keeping lit the torch of liberty that has led generations of immigrants to this land — my forefathers and so many of yours. Provide a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers, those on temporary status, farmworkers, and essential workers. Revise our laws so businesses have the workers they need and families don’t wait decades to reunite. It’s not only the right thing to do — it’s the economically smart thing to do,” Biden said.

Biden’s gross lack of attention to his border crisis has created a myriad of problems for states and frustrated Americans. Instead of laying out a plan to actually secure the U.S.-Mexico border during his annual speech, Biden lied to Americans and denied any responsibility for the ongoing humanitarian crisis plaguing the nation.

The border isn’t going great, and no amount of falsehoods from Biden or any other politician trying to downplay the crisis can distract from the record-shattering number of illegal aliens and drugs coming into the U.S. every day.