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GOP Senators Should Absolutely Fight To Keep Biden’s Radical Nominee Off The Supreme Court

Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated to SCOTUS
Image CreditABC News/YouTube

Republicans don’t need sexual assault allegations to oppose Jackson’s confirmation. Her track record alone is cause for concern.


President Joe Biden’s affirmative action nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court Ketanji Brown Jackson is promoted as the best choice to replace leftist Justice Stephen Breyer, but her politically and legally extremist track record should automatically disqualify her from receiving any Republican confirmation votes.

Jackson is scheduled to meet with Republican and Democrat senators this week with hopes to win over at least the three Republicans, Sens. Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski, who previously voted to confirm her to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The 51-year-old has years of judicial experience but the right shouldn’t rush to accept her career, which is littered with radical rulings, as proof that she deserves to sit on the highest court in the land.

Even before she was a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit — where she repeatedly justified actions against former President Donald Trump using the Russian collusion hoax — Jackson worked as an openly leftist attorney and Obama appointee to the U.S. Sentencing Commission, where she was committed to forwarding the leftist agenda.

More than two decades ago, the Breyer apprentice penned an amicus brief for the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), and other organizations that kill babies in the womb, in support of a Democrat-backed law that prevented pro-life protesters from congregating outside abortion facilities. This is not only a record of abortion extremism but also shows a record of hostility to the First Amendment, which protects free speech.

Jackson’s history is completely antithetical to the values of the majority of Republican voters and the Constitution all judges swear to uphold. Yet corporate media outlets who cheered on the Democrats’ despicable treatment of former President Donald Trump’s nominees during their confirmations are now demanding the GOP play nice and vote Jackson onto the court despite their below-belt tactics and refusal to vote for Republican nominees.

“Republicans have already started attacking Biden’s Supreme Court nominee,” Forbes complained on Sunday. The corporate media outlet also claimed that GOP leaders trying to block her confirmation need to evaluate the “potential poor optics of opposing a black woman.”

The corrupt press has also latched onto the Biden administration’s rhetoric and painted Jackson’s confirmation as necessary because it’s “historic.” To back up their claims, several outlets are pushing endorsements from “conservatives” who minimize Jackson’s leftist ties and overlook her other endorsements from radical pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, anti-religious liberty activist groups including The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, which is composed of extremist organizations including the radical Southern Poverty Law Center, the increasingly anti-free-speech American Civil Liberties Union, and Planned Parenthood.

CNN reported on Monday that a “prominent conservative judge who advised [former Vice President Mike] Pence on the 2020 election endorses Biden’s Supreme Court nominee” was one of the figures Republicans should look to

“In a statement obtained exclusively by CNN, retired federal Judge J. Michael Luttig, considered a luminary in conservative legal circles, enthusiastically endorsed Jackson, describing her as a candidate who is ’eminently qualified to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States,'” CNN amplified.

Axios reported on Sunday that retired Bush appointee Judge Thomas R. Griffith endorsed Jackson in a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Despite whining and wailing from the biased bad actors who work in American media, Republican senators need not be frightened away from voicing concerns about Jackson due to allegations of “racism,” claims that she is extremely “qualified” for the position, and even speculations that she’s “super likable.”

Several Republican senators have made intentional statements pledging to keep Jackson’s confirmation vetting process clear of political schemes and dirty tricks like the ones Democrats manufactured against Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

“Just like any nomination that comes before us, we’re going to take Judge Jackson’s nomination and we’re going to vet it properly as we should, and then we’re going to have this open hearing,” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa said on Fox News this week. “…I can assure you of one thing: we’re not going to have a comedy and a tragedy like the Democrats demonstrated to [Brett] Kavanaugh. We’re going to be very forthright in our questioning, but we’re going to be polite and we’re not going to get down in the gutter like they did with Kavanaugh.”

Sen. Ted Cruz also promised to treat Jackson with “dignity and decorum” despite “previous judicial confirmation processes with vicious personal smears and unfounded accusations.”

“While I previously voted against confirming Judge Jackson to her current position on the D.C. Circuit, I will engage in careful consideration of her nomination. I will closely scrutinize her record, as I firmly believe that justices must hold fidelity to the Constitution and the proper role of a judge—that of an impartial jurist, not a robed partisan,” the Texan wrote in a statement.

The truth is, Republican senators don’t need to rely on someone to come forward with false sexual assault allegations at the last minute to oppose Jackson’s confirmation. Her track record alone is cause for concern. It shows she is not fit to be on the Supreme Court because she fails in the most important qualification for that post: fidelity to the U.S. Constitution.

Conservative senators can be “polite” when they vet Jackson, but that doesn’t mean they should vote to confirm her. Jackson clearly doesn’t uphold the values and accurate constitutional interpretation that Republican voters prioritize. Instead, she has committed to being a career leftist who is pro-abortion, pro-criminal release, and anti-religious liberty. Jackson doesn’t deserve senators’ votes, and if Republicans support the Constitution and their own voters, they won’t give theirs to her.